Ed Berliner: The Man in the Arena
"Free 4 All": Angry old men remain pissed at Simone Biles & Megan Rapinoe. Racism or just "get off my lawn"?

As Simone Biles likely bids farewell to Olympic competition, there remains the stigma and misinterpretation of “hero”, and some who will think Megan Rapinoe deserves to be shackled and drawn over kneeling at the National Anthem. Are we STILL screeching about this, and why can’t some people understand what it means to use a pulpit for needed social change in America? The temperature is turned up to “frying pan” for this episode of “Free 4 All”, where the battle ensues between Emmy Award winning sportscaster Ed Berliner, Colorado Mile High sports talker and actual judge Dan Jacobs, and veteran FOX Sports talker Andy Furman. There’s also a good deal of discussion on a “knee jerk” story about the ASPCA, how the media and phony psychologists are helping to ruin the career of a top NHL player, and speaking of doctors, notice how EVERYONE suddenly seems to know what the “twisties” are??? New episodes of “Free 4 All” drop every Tuesday and Friday LIVE across YouTube, Facebook and Linkedin, with excerpts then syndicated on all platforms including Twitter. ALL episodes of this and other shows from “The Man in the Arena” series are available at http://welcometothearena.com and by searching “Ed Berliner” on all major audio podcast platforms.