Ed Berliner: The Man in the Arena
Fern Schumer-Chapman: Why aren't schools teaching kids about the Holocaust?

A recent study showed that the majority of millenials and quite a few people of all ages have no idea what the Holocaust was, some don’t even know what “Auschwitz” was. In failing to teach a younger generation to keep alive stories of the atrocities inflicted on generations by the Nazis, are we thus ensuring that such murderous intent will indeed come to life once again? Emmy Award winning broadcast journalist Ed Berliner is joined by former journalist and prolific author Fern Schumer-Chapman, who has written 5 books with a connection to that era in history, including those that delve into the personal life of her Mother, one who escaped the Nazis just before the world turned chaos. A very special edition of “The Man in the Arena”, wondering why these lessons aren’t being taught, and when political correctness will stop being the order of the day.