Ed Berliner: The Man in the Arena
Ellis Henican: When it's OK to use words such as "lie" and "stupid" in news reporting

NY Times best selling author Ellis Henican made his bones as a newspaperman for “Newsday”. Now, he runs the gamut from television news and political analyst to author of books seeking to reveal truths in American politics. In this revealing and brutally honest episode of “The Man in the Arena”, Henican and Emmy Award winning broadcast journalist Ed Berliner take on not just how one can honestly tell the difference between fake news and true reporting, but why we may have reached the point where using words such as “lie” and “stupid” out loud and in print may be just what America needs. “The Man in the Arena” is always broadcast first on FACEBOOK LIVE on Ed Berliner’s page, but is also uploaded to You Tube and then played back on all major podcast platforms. Don’t be stupid. No lie. This is the conversation America needs in this election year.