Ed Berliner: The Man in the Arena
Drew Brees has nothing to apologize for. Belichick vs. Brady. The most delusional DC rioter of them all, and Dangerous Donald.

There is no line we won’t cross when Joe Casale checks in for another edition of “Outside the Lines” here on “The Man in the Arena”. In sports, his beloved Saints are toast with every fault exposed. Is one of them Drew Brees staying one season too many? Tom Brady is thinking another Super Bowl, so the question remains did Brady make Bill Belichick, or did Belichick make Brady? Newsfront, America holds its breath during Inauguration week as we need to ask who is protecting whom? What will Donald Trump do in private life to continue his shock and awe? Is he now the single most dangerous individual in America? And you will meet the single most delusional DC rioter of them all, or perhaps a perfect example of insanity. Join Ed Berliner for another rousing edition of “The Man in the Arena”.