Ed Berliner: The Man in the Arena
Dan Snyder will keep the Redskins with NFL help, & parents suckered by high schools over sports.

The “Washington Post” nailed the Redskins with a damning report about a hostile and sexist work environment, but don’t expect despicable owner Dan Snyder to lose the team. Matter of fact, the NFL will almost certainly help cover it all up. As for the fact this kind of workplace behavior goes on all around the League? Don’t expect the NFL to do much here, either. Then there’s the matter of high schools suckering parents into signing COVID19 waivers for fall sport that wont be able to do a damn thing in keeping the athletes safe. “The Man in the Arena” pulls no punches, welcoming in lawyer and former sports gent Joe Casale, “The Smartest Man in the Room”, and leaving no doubt who is really to blame for the Redskins debacle and the COVID19 mess in sports.