Ed Berliner: The Man in the Arena
COVID19 & Sports: MLB screwed up, NBA good (so far), NHL damn near perfect, NFL players skeptical.

For those expecting American major league sports to get COVID19 prevention right, you’re dreaming. The government screwed it up, so why should these guys be doing any better? However, the NHL has damn near got it perfect, the NBA has a few chicken wing holes, the NFL still has rules written on a cocktail napkin, and MLB has turned into a complete disaster. Add college football to the mix, and see what a dumpster fire is like in the SEC, and you’ve got to wonder will anyone truly be playing into September, much less any further. Come with us for an inside take as Ed Berliner and former player agent Joe Casale take us “Outside The Lines” in this episode of “The Man in the Arena”, the show watched by every major sports PR department so they can report back to their superiors. Oh, and DO NOT miss our birthday wishes for the best damn blues guitarist in the world.