Ed Berliner: The Man in the Arena
COVID19, Social Media conspiracies & Political Lies: Making America dumber every single day.

Locked away in houses for more than a month, America is slowly going mad. Instead of using the time to educate themselves, a good portion of this country is agreeing to having their brain cells removed by idiot on-line conspiracies, ridiculous Facebook posts, lies about “wonder drugs” and a President who was turned inside out by a reporter doing her job. Emmy Award winning broadcaster Ed Berliner digs into and exposes all of these quarantine doldrums in this investigative edition of “The Man in the Arena”. Ed uncovers the people behind the scams, and deals out a Presidential fact check the White House won’t appreciate. To that, he says, “I double dog dare you to prove me wrong”. Where nothing is out of bounds, “The Man in the Arena”.