Ed Berliner: The Man in the Arena
COVID19: NFL driving players to death, the Trump gambit fails, & why the Miami Heat are the best franchise in sports

It’s happened again, where far too many, especially Donald Trump, have taken the COVID19 virus too lightly. The NFL gambled and lost on not canceling any games. The NBA Finals are finally here,and Erik Spoelstra of the Miami Heat is proving once again how an organization dedicated to excellence can win without GOAT players. The Stanley Cup Finals are over, and that league showed everyone what can be done with common sense and leadership. Oh, and did we mention Texas Tech sports facilities are being used for religious purposes. This and a LOT more on the card as we welcome back attorney, former player agent and “The Smartest Man in the Room” Joe Casale for a new edition of “Outside the Lines”. BONUS: Joe’s new sidekick makes his first appearance!