Ed Berliner: The Man in the Arena
COVID19 changes the dance card, Bob Arum seeks to save boxing, and near murder in the ring.

Try as they might, the sport of boxing is unable to stop COVID19 from impacting their sport. Veteran promoter Bob Arum would seem to be the only person smart enough, and with enough pull and cash, to keep fighters and those around them from contracting the disease. All this as one fight proves how deadly the sport can be when run by scurrilous promoters who could care less if someone dies. Tyson Fury has some excellent words for his fellow fighters, and Bert SUgar speaks to us from the great beyond with words from 11 years ago that are perfect in 2020. Joined by Randy “The Commish” Gordon, lace up the gloves and just us for another episode of “Randy’s Ringside” along with Ed Berliner, “The Man in the Arena”.