Ed Berliner: The Man in the Arena
COVID-19 and "saddling up" the task of saving children of addiction in the midst of a pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic has delivered a new normal no one is happy with, creating economic, mental and physical hardships for so many people. One group being overlooked, however, are the children. The change of what was normal has been a strain on kids in a good family setting, but what of those who struggle every day as the children of a parent or parents addicted to alcohol and/or drugs? One determined non-profit in South Florida is seeking to make a mark in the lives of these children, hoping to watch as they gallop into a brighter future. “Gallop” is the key word for “Horses Healing Hearts”. Ed is joined by Founder and CEO Liz Olszewski for the stories, and the hopes, of turning these lives around even as the world around them moves at incredible speed. A very special edition of “The Man in the Arena”, where nothing is out of bounds,