Ed Berliner: The Man in the Arena
Comeback HELL in boxing from Tyson to Mayweather to De La Hoya & the MLB Borough Battle begins anew!

There has never been a day like this in the sport of professional boxing. Mike Tyson is supposedly all set to make an exhibition comeback against Roy Jones Jr. with EVERYONE dipping large into the wallets of suckers. What these fighters all have in common with the Pet Rock will become obvious. Can Ed Berliner be turned around into becoming at the very least a beginners fan of UFC/MMA, a sport he loathes? And is it possible for a human being to actually be a fan of BOTH the NY Yankees and NY Mets? Sacrilege. Former NYS Athletic Commissioner Randy Gordon weighs in on all these matters and much more on another knockout edition of the only show that pulls no punches, “The Man in the Arena”.