Ed Berliner: The Man in the Arena
Can the NHL survive another COVID19 season? That and more with Hockey HOF announcer Jiggs McDonald

He is one of, if not the, most prolific play by play announcer to ever call action on the ice. With more than 5000 regular season games to his credit, more than 200 NHL playoff games under his belt, and a few Stanley Cups to show for it, Jiggs McDonald is one of the very best there has ever been at calling hockey. Time to tell those tales as he joins Ed Berliner on “The Man in the Arena” for not just a look back at an incredible career, but his take on the future of the game itself. The NHL played bubble hockey due to COVID19 in 2020, but there is no way they could sustain another season without fans. How has this league changed, how have the players changed, and what will the NHL do going forward to continue their momentum on the American sports scene? Plenty more as we lace up the skates and drop the puck with Hockey Hall of Famer Jiggs McDonald.