Ed Berliner: The Man in the Arena
Bobby Bowden & Steve Spurrier: A rare conversation with College football Hall of Famers.

Attention faithful for the Florida Gators and Florida State Seminoles. When was the last time you watched or listened to a show where both college football Hall of Famers Bobby Bowden and Steve Spurrier were together talking their careers, college football, and featured a good Bowden joke? It’s all right here in a very special episode of “The Man in the Arena”, as the men who helped make Florida college football the powerhouse that it is discuss their rivalry, what they look for in players, how they turn out winners, and what they’re doing to help student athletes of today become more than just football players. It’s a rare opportunity to have them together, and it’s a “can’t miss” episode for every college football fan. Join Ed Berliner, Bobby Bowden, and Steve Spurrier for “The Man in the Arena”.