Ed Berliner: The Man in the Arena
Better players made the NHL bubble work, Panthers or Senators on the move?, Lightning cash woes

Time to drop the puck and slam a few bodies onto the wall as “The Sports Reporters” does more than ice time with two of the top reporters covering the NHL today. Welcome in great friends Jimmy Murphy and Joe Haggerty from “BostonHockeyNow” and NBC Sports for a turn inside the Arena taking shots at more than one league. The NHL beat COVID19 for one shortened season, but what are they going to do now? Teams are shifting players like socks at the moment, and some teams are getting left out. Tampa Bay wins the Stanley Cup, but will it really do anything to help hockey in the USA? And why hockey players are better at putting game first and egos second. Put old friends together and one never knows what will happen. Lace up the gloves and join us for another edition of “The Man in the Arena”.