Ed Berliner: The Man in the Arena
Be wary of the NHL Stanley Cup Playoff plan, with far too many holes and guesses to be a sure thing.

The NHL is trying to fill the sports void by coming up with a plan they believe could make them the only pro game in town for while, but it’s a 24 team playoff format riddled with holes. Veteran NHL beat reporter and analyst Jimmy Murphy joins Ed Berliner for a dedicated show to the NHL and their idea, along with some dire tidings on the state of college hockey, where even (GASP) some New England schools may have to eliminate their teams! There’s also a new barnstoring league planned for 2021 that could be one of the most entertaining minor leagues in any sport. Lace up the skates as we break out the sticks and pucks for a rousing edition of “The Man in the Arena”, ALSO featuring a SHOCKER prediction from Murph on who he believes will win the Stanley Cup. Take the shot and join us for the show that takes no prisoners.