Ed Berliner: The Man in the Arena
Are we STILL talking about saving MLB? One thing that should be changed, & nonsense on "The Shift".

TALKIN’ BASEBALL with former MLB.com Miami Marlins beat reporter Joe Frisaro, and there’s a lot more than just baseball in this slightly over “Fastest 60 Minutes in Sports” version of “The Sports Reporters”. Are we really still talking about SAVING BASEBALL again? What one thing would Joe add as a rules change that is overdue? We’ll dig into how the relationship between players and reporters has changed irrevocably, and the discourse about “The Shift” with sage words from Cal Ripken Jr. It’s not entirely what he says, but when he said it. Oh, and there’s a special treat from Joe who may now be retired from being in the press box every day, but knows how to smoke out the real baseball fan. “The Man in the Arena: The Sports Reporters” is also available for audio download wherever you get your podcasts.