Ed Berliner: The Man in the Arena
Are college & high school sports leaders playing with athletes life & death over COVID-19?
At the moment, there will be both college football and high school football, along with other sports, played in America despite the still-growing COVID-19 pandemic. Medical experts are pleading with administrators, athletic directors and those in charge to think extremely hard about their choices. Schools are seeing multiple new cases, the virus is affecting a younger dynamic every day, and now there is a warning about serious heart damage that has been linked to COVID-19. Why then are these chances being taken? Is it about money, greed, ego, arrogance, or is it overplayed? I’m joined by David Armstrong. President of St. Thomas University in Miami (FL), who took exception to recent comments made on the show by yours truly and High School/College Sports Recruiting expert Larry Blustein about why sports needs to be shut down for everyone’s safety. A brisk and intelligent conversation is expected. Join me for another rousing edition of “The Man in the Arena”, and make your own decision.