Ed Berliner: The Man in the Arena
American Cults: QAnon, Donald Trump, March 4th, January 6th, insurrection, and the rise of homegrown political terror

Cults are nothing new in America, but the stunningly fast rise of QAnon into becoming not just a political cult, but one filled to the brim with potential homegrown terrorists, has taken mindless devotion to dangerous heights. From the January 6th insurrection riots in Washington DC, to March 4th 2021 when zealots and cultists were all convinced Donald Trump would be inaugurated and again become President, cult behavior has turned from mere belief to sometimes murderous intent. How exactly do these cults become so powerful, can anyone be saved from them, and has the Republican Party simply become the core of political cultish behavior? We’re joined by Rick Ross, Founder & Executive Director of “The Cult Education Institute” for candid answers and alarming reality. All on this special edition of “The Man in the Arena”.