Ed Berliner: The Man in the Arena
Ali vs Frazier "The Fight of the Century". The most impactful sporting event in American history.
It was March 8, 1971. The hype said it was “The Fight of the Century”, and few perhaps realized how true that statement was. The first heavyweight title fight between champion Joe Frazier and challenger Muhammad Ali was more than just 2 men slugging it out in a Madison Square Garden ring for 15 rounds. It was a sporting, social, and cultural phenomenon that resonates to this day. It’s fair to say no one sporting event so changed America as this bout. Why was it all so special? What was America like at the time of this fight, and how was the country affected? What of the men themselves, and what they mean to America history? We’re joined by former NYS Athletic Commissioner and boxing historian Randy Gordon for more than a trip down memory lane.