Ed Berliner: The Man in the Arena
A history of Presidential abuse of power, magnified by Donald Trump, demands a revised Constitution

Donald Trump is certainly not the first President to abuse his power and break Constitutional rules, but he is without question the man who has taken ignoring his limits to alarming rates. Barack Obama was no saint either, but the time has come to stop the incessant infighting between lawmakers, understand that rules in this case are NOT made to be broken, and consider the time is right for a new U.S. Constitution. Ed Berliner’s guest on this explosive edition of “The Man in the Arena” is American University Professor and author of 2 books on the subject of POTUS power abuse, Chris Edelson. What would the Founding Fathers say about Trump ignoring the Constitution? Is what he is doing actually what America needs? And why are some people so afraid of changing the Constitution to fit 21st century America? Educational, enlightening, and guaranteed to start and end more than a few arguments. An episode not one American voter should miss. “The Man in the Arena”, where nothing is out of bounds.