Ed Berliner: The Man in the Arena
A COVID19 Easter: Religious con artists, whiny sports fans & "Don't Call me Shirley".

An Easter Sunday unlike anything we have ever experienced before, and hope to never experience again. Sadly, it’s another chance for religious con artists to crawl out of the woodwork and look to line their pockets at the expense of parishioners and the general public. Join Emmy Award winning broadcaster and commentator Ed Berliner for a holiday edition of “The Man in the Arena”, where he takes on those who don’t give a damn if anyone lives or dies from COVID19. There’s also 3 words, just 3, for those sports fans crying about not having anything to watch on TV in a summer where American are suffering. We’ll wrap things up with “Facebook Follies”, soon to be renamed as “Found on Facebook”, and celebrate the single most impactful motion picture now marking it’s 40th year. Download and be engaged, enraged, and have a take inthe return comments. This is “The Man in the Arena”, where nothing is out of bounds.