Ed Berliner: The Man in the Arena
2020: The year laughter was silenced, and professional comics take on the "new world".

The COVID-19 pandemic. A government lying with almost every texted breath. Law enforcement being held to account for generations of misdeeds. Protests and riots rocking major cities. Social media ratcheting the boiling point to destroy family and friends. And if that weren’t bad enough, the PC Police are back wanting to ban or heavily edit movies, TV shows and textbooks. IS THERE ANY LAUGHTER ANYMORE??? For that matter, how can even professional comics make people laugh and forget their troubles without crossing some sort of invisible line? “The Man in the Arena” brings in a trio of professional comedians to answer the question and hopefully find some light in the darkness. How does one address racial issues in comedy? What part does social media play in destroying what used to be fun? And why is it that Donald Trump is the President NO ONE can tell jokes about? Serious discussion and laughs along the way in this special edition of “The Man in the Arena”, where nothing is out of bounds