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The most sought after guests on every media platform. Instantly delivering knowledge, insight, expertise, candor and a professional level of clicks and ratings coveted by every form of media, from local radio stations to global broadcast and social media networks.

C-Suite Executive. Medical Expert. Legal Analyst. Author. Researcher. Educator.


There is no more effective manner in promoting your company, your product, your personal and professional brand, than to use the regional and global media platforms to your advantage.

You must be prepared to deliver the first time on camera, on microphone, on Skype, smartphone, Facebook Live, You Tube, and when reaching back into the dark media ages and doing a phone interview for a print story, or one that will be recorded for a podcast.

The media needs you. They are looking for you to be part of their programming and reporting.

This is where Ed Berliner and Entourage Media become your most valuable asset.

Decades of experience on the ground, in the newsrooms and creating the social media platforms for broadcast and social media.

Preparing you for every media encounter. Overseeing and managing every form of media to maximize your brand and message.

This is the PMD Program. The Personal Media Director.


  • You will be prepared for every appearance. Media training for you and select staff, working in conjunction with your corporate PR, Marketing and Sales to ensure a consistent message.

  • Show booking for broadcast programs on TV, radio and social media. Appearance management for keynote speaking and public appearances. On-site coaching and preparation.

  • Utilizing thousands of broadcast, print and social media contacts to bypass gatekeepers and reach the interview and meeting planner decision makers.

  • Video and audio recording of every appearance. Editing and post production of all media material for integration onto personal and corporate websites. Video integration on all forms of social media.

  • Scheduling and production of live social media appearances, including Twitter, Periscope, Facebook, Instagram, You Tube, Vimeo and emerging platforms.

  • Writing and editorial services for social media messaging, opinion papers, Op-Eds, professional papers and books.

  • Complete organization, production and distribution of all broadcast, print and social media elements related to your personal brand and message.

  • In-depth social media and broadcast ratings analytics designed to hone in on the most effective platforms for your personal brand and message.

  • Consistent review of every appearance and speaking engagement to ensure proper personal and corporate messaging.

Learn how to:

  • Become an expert analyst, panelist, guest and commentator.
  • Get booked on network, regional and local programs.
  • Be the expert every form of media reaches out to for opinions and expertise.
  • Make a personal and corporate impact in every appearance.
  • Bolster your brand using broadcast, social and print media to spread your message.

From the Emmy Award winner who has been making guests shine every time they go in front of the media.