The mass murder at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland Florida has touched a raw nerve unlike anything we have ever seen in America.

Over the years since Columbine High School, it would seem that far too often, we are a desensitized people. The breaking news of another killing. The pictures of bodies. The hunt for a madman. The screams in agony of those who were witness, and those that will bear witness for the dead.

It has been, to my utter sadness, the cycle that always repeats and appears destined to do so again. Because in the wake of all these killings, precious little has been done to change the dynamic. As I write this, nothing has been done by our lawmakers regarding the now infamous “bump stock” weapons addition that helped tear into the lives of more than 500 people on the ground in Las Vegas, untold thousands that will live with the aftermath.

This time, however, I am heartened to see someone using the power of the media in a manner we haven’t seen in the wake of all these killings.

David Hogg is head of the student TV station at MSD. He hasn’t stopped recording the events and speaking out about them since it happened. He has been the choice of many networks to interview and tell the tale because he not only was there, but he has been fearless in his desire to make everyone understand what happened.

But he has done more. He has become the face and voice of a young generation that is demanding action from elected officials.

His appearance in this video on the CBS News program “Sunday Morning” February 18th was not only powerful and timely. It showed the positive power of the media. The need for journalists of any age to use that medium to it’s proper advantage. To stand in the face of those that mock the legitimate press in seeking to minimize it’s power for personal and political gain.

Bravo, David. This takes guts and an inner strength few have, certainly few that want to put their face and neck out in the general public to espouse a commentary view that will no doubt be mocked by some.

This is the raw power of the honest and forthright media. This is an example from a teenager how the medium should be used.

It is a clarion call to his generation, those that will follow, but certainly those that have come before him.

Stand tall. Speak the truth. Have no fear. Use the media for something other than nonsensical tweeting and biased anger.

Use it for all the right reasons. Never fear to be heard.