Before digging too deep into this story, let’s all admit we have, at one time or another, complained that things in life suck out loud and we deserve better. We have all felt as if there are forces against us, or failing to allow us to move ahead. My hand goes up first, so as to not make you believe I’m talking about a rhetorical.

Over the last year or so, I have shaken my righteous fist at the fates more times than I can count. I have wagged my finger at the heavens. I have punched the sky and pretended someone or something was there to feel the force of my anger.

At least I had an arm to hold that fist that held the finger.

Kendrell Daniels has neither arm, nor fist, nor finger. All he has is two legs and an indomitable spirit.

Earlier this year, local audiences in Mississippi were introduced to this remarkable young man. One who asks for no pity, and accepts no sympathy for the cards he was dealt before he was even born.

Sort of makes everything else seem rather small, doesn’t it?

His story didn’t stop there.

Stories such as Kendrell’s are part of my speaking programs, depending on the audience. This is one that speaks to kids, young athletes, those who face a touch time in any facet of their life, and for certain even those who are older and faced adversity over many years.

I often ask the audience to put themselves in shoes such as his. Imagine a life without what you take for granted. Consider the direction your life would have gone. Think on the anger you would naturally feel, and in the end, no matter how angry you are, you’re right back at square one where you started.

Kendrell’s life will never be easy, not by our standards. But to him, this is the life he was given. The only life he has. HIS life, no one else’s. And he is forced to make the most of what he has.

I would say that already, he has taken that gift of live further than many of us could even hope. He has shown a level of courage many of us will never know, and some of us may never be able to understand. That is unfortunate.

But he will still be there, and still be beating the odds.

THAT is inspirational.