Media Strategy 101: The Game Plan 2018-01-02T19:10:40+00:00

“In reality strategy is actually very straightforward. You pick a general direction and implement like Hell”.    

Jack Welch, American Business Executive & Leader.


“Hope is not a strategy”.   

Vince Lombardi, Legendary NFL Head Coach.


“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat”.   

Sun Tzu, Military strategist & Author “The Art of War”.



“Media Strategy 101” is unlike any standard Public Relations or marketing campaign. It is a meticulously planned, intimately crafted and smartly executed plan to ensure your message is delivered to the proper media platforms, organizations and platforms that give you the best chance to succeed.

It’s about using the media to your advantage in every instance. Maximizing your personal and professional investment. Getting the most bang for your buck.

The perfect strategy doesn’t happen overnight. Don’t let anyone tell you it does. Here’s how we at Entourage Media help you win the most competitive game you will ever be a participant in.


Schedule a 30-60 minute call, either phone or Skype. This initial consult is no cost to you and designed to get us both to know each other in an informal setting. Either send me an email or contact my office at 954-828-2250 to schedule this call.

This will be a very honest and upfront conversation. We’re going to be working together, and we need to be on the same page from the start.

We’ll discuss where you’ve been personally and professionally. Where you want to go. What you hope to achieve at this level of strategy.

– A key here is understanding what you’ve tried in the past that you believe has worked, and what my experience tells me could have been accomplished in a more efficient manner.

What are your expectations? How much do you know about or have dealt with the media? What sources do you have at this time to draw from in getting your story out there?

What’s your story? What makes it unique? What are the elements you believe make it stand out?

– There will be follow-up calls and communication based on our discussion, leading us to the next part of the process.


Within one week, you will received a detailed proposal covering every element of our conversation. This will include time markers for both sides.

A detailed discussion of the message we will deliver and how it will be specifically delivered to various media platforms.

The specific goals of this partnership. Where are we taking you and your message and how we will get there. Why we will succeed.

Specific markers will include crafting of the specific story and message with your help. Use of all materials on hand to properly promote the story.

Designated media outlets to be approached and in what manner. Specific promotional goals to be met and on specific platforms.

Necessary media training and intelligence briefings for you and members of your organization to create a consistent message.

Additional materials necessary and approximate delivery cost. Notations for approved Entourage Media services and vendors


– Specific details of what Entourage Media and Ed Berliner will deliver. You will know without a doubt what we are responsible for.

– Contract time period, renewable dates and cancellation periods.

– Specific budget and billing procedures including deposits. No surprises. No gimmicks. No fooling.

Non-disclosure and non-compete. We value the trust in us and the trust you’re placing in me. For those specific clients, we will include a non-compete. We will not work for your competitors.

– Specific personnel and notation of any outside vendors. You will know the people working on your behalf, employed by Entourage Media or one of our trusted vendors.


I am available to every client 24/7. No excuses. There will be regular contact and meetings to keep us on track at all times.

– While I suggest a thorough meeting once a week, efforts and events may dictate more communication. You’re in the loop at all times.

– It is imperative that you keep me updated on every facet of your business and message that could impact what I’m delivering to the media contacts. We are never caught “off guard”.

The formulation of a “communications before the crisis” plan. Depending on the client and the message, we will have in place a plan to deal with any emergency

Consistent media intelligence training for you and your staff, if applicable. There are also highly recommended leadership workshops depending on the message and staff.

Implementation and management of a thorough social media plan and schedule. I cannot stress enough to every client how important this is. No mistakes and nothing unforeseen.

Booking services for media appearances are included again depending on the message and the specific target media platforms.


These are the basics. There’s plenty more to do, and we have it covered.

We speak media. I speak media.

It’s all we do.