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“Media Strategy 101” is a meticulously planned, intimately crafted and smartly executed plan to ensure your message is delivered to the proper media organizations and platforms that give you the best chance to succeed.

Ed Berliner: The core of every Media Strategy
  • You have a story to tell. You are the expert. Every form of media is seeking your story and your expertise.

  • Your story will be placed in the hands of the media outlets that will act as your personal and professional marketing vehicle.

  • Your message is content. Content is King. We will produce your media to match exactly the content they seek.

  • Your message and your brand will target only those media outlets and platforms that provide maximum coverage and targeted demographics. We don’t waste any time or investment.

  • Your social media integration is critical. We will utilize your current materials and produce additional media including video, audio, text and customized messaging.

  • We will collaborate with your in-house marketing and sales team, or we will undertake complete management of your media message on every platform.

  • We represent you and your brand at all times. Our hallmark is personal contact with decision makers in broadcast and social media.

  • Your customized strategy is designed to use every form of media to your advantage, driving brand awareness, product placement, and increased revenue.

  • Your brand and message will be protected at all times with a level of Crisis Communication based on decades of knowing how every form of media thinks and reacts.

  • Media Training goes hand-in-hand with being properly prepared for every encounter and appearance. You will be ahead of the media at every turn.

Your Media Strategy is designed by Emmy Award winning broadcast journalist Ed Berliner, who has been in the thick of broadcast and social media for decades.



– What’s your story? What makes it unique?

– What do you want your message to achieve?

– What are your expectations?

– How much do you know about or have dealt with the media?

– What has been your social media strategy? How do you use social media right now?


– Within one week, you receive a detailed proposal.

– The specific goals of this partnership.

– Crafting of the specific story and message.

– Specific broadcast and social media outlets to be utilized.

– Schedule media training and intelligence briefings.

– Additional materials necessary.


– Contract length & renewable dates.

– Specific budget and procedures.

– Non-disclosure and non-compete.

– Specific personnel and notation of any outside vendors.


– Scheduled contact and meetings to keep us on track at all times.

– The formulation of a “communications before the crisis” plan.

– Consistent media intelligence training for you and your staff.

– Implementation and management of a thorough social media plan and schedule.

– Booking for media appearances.

Ed Berliner: Media Strategy 101