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With three decades of media expertise in front of and behind the camera at the local and network level, Ed Berliner coaches executives, sales teams, athletes, politicians, HR managers and more through the fast-paced world of making the press work for you, creating specific strategies you will implement when dealing with the media, increasing both brand awareness and your bottom line.

“The Art of the Interview” is an exclusive added segment to the training or can be a stand alone session. Designed for experts, analysts, authors, business and life professionals with a story to tell and seeking to become “go to” guests on broadcast TV, cable, radio and Internet programming. Ed Berliner brings his insiders knowledge of the media to this unique training, seeking to raise the profile of budding media stars, while providing exclusive video and audio samples for marketing and public relations use.

Learn from the Master Interviewer.

By the time your “Media Intel” main phase of training is complete, you will be a master at understanding what the media wants, and how you will deliver it to them.

Know the Opposition: Understand who’s asking the questions, what they want from you, who they stand for and the traps they will set to get what they want.

The Camera Never Blinks: Whether live on-camera or not, learn how to treat every situation as if it is being recorded.

Cover Every Base: Be prepared for any question, any situation, any attack without losing your cool or straying off message.

Spot What the Media Hears and What the Public Will Hear: What you say and how you say it is up for interpretation. Leave them with nothing but the positives.

Make Yourself and Others Look Good in Every SituationOn-camera or not, the media teaches us everything we need to know about maintaining your positive image.

Defend Your Image: How the media and those seeking to make a name out of your story can damage your brand and how you shut them down.

Speak Publicly Without Being DestroyedGrasp classic mistakes made by the unprepared at public speaking events.

Evade The 21st Century TrapsMaster how social media, cell phone cameras, viral videos, clandestine listening devices and more that can be recognized and avoided.