With the world watching, centuries of history was disappearing in smoke and flame. The news that Notre Dame cathedral was on fire stabbed at the heart of people around the world, those of every age, every generation, ever gender, every religion, and especially, every race. Notre Dame was not merely the epicenter of Paris and of France, it was and remains a core of the positive tenets brought to man over the ages by the teachings of those who merely sought peace for all.

Sadly, we don’t live in a world that seeks peace and harmony first. We currently exist in a society where tragedies are used by those with ulterior motives, those seeking personal gain and attention, those seeking to strike at the heart of anyone and everyone by using the tools afforded them. In this case as in many others, using the media to ply their hateful wares.

So it’s up to you to sift thru the opinionated fraud that permeates the global media, uncover the facts, and then decide if you want to be used as a pawn in these games of ego and clickbait.

The burning of the cathedral was, and without question, should have been globally covered news. The iconic structure is a part of human history, and to see it reduced to ash in such spectacular fashion warranted the media coverage on every platform. To even question that is to already have a built-in bias or a personal motive. This is an architectural masterpiece of the ages, part of human history, and the bravery of those who struggled to save it will long be remember as a sacrifice to ensure such an icon lives on for future generations.

This was REAL NEWS. Gripping, dramatic, necessary coverage.

Sadly, it was also the launch point for those with personal agendas to make it about something completely without merit. Scores of people took to social media and proclaimed the coverage was an example of “white privilege”, as this was the burning of a church covered extensively by world news outlets while the recent terrorism attacks on churches in Louisiana was not covered to a necessary and proper extent.

With names redacted, here is one example from Facebook.

















Of course, the summation is wildly incorrect, insulting, and racist in and of itself. The burning of churches in Louisiana was and, as of this writing, continues to be covered extensively by every major American news outlet.

Then came what can only be described as the usual attack by the usual suspects. A fake FOX News account and a fake CNN account both spewing “news” of a Muslim attack at Notre Dame. Of course, the reports spread quickly thanks to those individuals not smart or savvy enough to understand, or perhaps care, they were being duped. Buzzfeed News does a very good job here of noting the timeline.
























Here’s the takeaway: Stop being a sucker.

Seriously. It’s just that simple.

The charge that American media isn’t paying attention to the terrorist burning of Louisiana churches is a lie, one that can be easily proven by doing seconds of research on the Internet. Ever hear of this thing called “Google”?

Here, I’m going to put “Louisiana church bombings” into Google right now, and then link to the first thing that comes up under “NEWS”.

An update from UPI posted 17 hours ago. After that, innumerable links to follow-up stories and major news outlets staying on the story. One thing to note for those who did their research, taking seconds, is the investigation continues and there is actually little new to report. But the story is being followed accurately and without bias.

The charges that coverage of the Notre Dame church burning being all about “white privilege”, and the early suggestions the fire was a plot by radical Muslims, are all fabrications. Lies. Clickbait meant for you to visit the websites and platforms of frauds seeking to make a buck from the mentally challenged. They are seeking nothing more than to prove those who follow them are mindless suckers easily made fools of .

Master the media. Don’t be a sucker.