Let’s see if we can make this not about politics for a moment, shall we? It won’t be easy because, at the core, this IS a political issue. However, it is much deeper, and speaks much more harshly to the dangerous divide in America that can be solved, or at the very least minimized. All it would take is for everyone, on any and no “side”, to make an effort on being less of a sucker to clickbait and biased media coverage.
The story here is about voters in North Carolina receiving their absentee ballot request forms in the mail. It should be a “nothing to see here, please move along” story. The fact those request forms carry with them a blatant plea from the Donald Trump campaign to vote for him smacks of obvious election rigging. These are forms that have always carried with them no candidate favoritism. Of course, things are very different here in 2020.
Imagine for a moment if this was done with Joe Biden’s picture on it, and the screaming discourse that would erupt from FOX News, OANN, Limbaugh, Levin, The Daily Caller, PJ Media, and the rest of the far right wing biased press.
“Election fraud!”, they would bellow. Scathing rebukes and charges of Socialism creep, Democrat fraud, and evidence those “dame Leftists” are  seeking to fix the 2020 election.
Here. I did some legwork for you. It took all of 5 minutes.
Not a word of this story on FOX News. Or OANN. Or Breitbart, Newsmax, The Daily Caller, PJ Media or any other member of the right wing biased media. Of course, this is not surprising.They speak to their audience alone. Their profit margins are not based in any form on being “middle of the road”. They are cheerleaders for one political party alone.
These outlets are certainly not alone, as the left wing biased media outlets shy away from anything they might deem positive for the opposition.
It is an opinionated tug of war, and every day you are in the middle of the rope. You, the American people, are being dragged thru the mud and often being publicly shamed if you fail to skip over the muck and willingly jump to one side. Which beings us to the apolitical point.
Once again, I cannot stress enough that with the ability to be educated about issues, everyone MUST read more than one source. Read for both sides. Compare what you read and hear. Driving our American insanity at the moment is this “bubble” thinking of only getting your news from FOX and OANN, or MSNBC and Slate.
If you live in that news bubble, you are ill-informed and unable to form a cogent, rational, unbiased opinion. Period.
A larger issue remains the wrong-headed belief that commentators such as Maddow, Hannity, Reid, Carlson, Hayes, Ingraham, Lemon and Gutfeld are delivering anything close to actual news. They are not. They are opinionators, paid to stoke fires with accusations and hyperbole. Believe in them as a sole basis for your information is a fools errand, and you are then being taken for a sucker.
Until we, as a nation, force ourselves into being more open-minded and refusing to be turned into lemmings by clickbait media, we are truly doomed to fail. That also goes for the younger generation, which may seem to be “woke”, but I see and read far too many of them also beholden to just one side. They are, in essence then, doing little more than becoming a new generation of sheeple.
We are about to experience the single most important presidential election in American history since Abraham Lincoln’s tumultuous 1864 run for reelection during the Civil War era. If we go into this election mentally half-cocked, and again refuse to do the homework, to stop being led by the nose in forging our beliefs and decisions, then we are a nation with no direction nor common sense, all by our own hand.
Blaming the media for all of our ills is yet another mindless exercise in empty-headed thinking. It’s akin to saying that if you still watch or ever watched an episode of “The Cosby Show”, or laughed at Bill Cosby’s stories in his formative years, you must be someone who gives a pass to sexual offenders and those who abuse women for their own pleasure.
To be certain, there is plenty of evidence on how media personalities drive people to a brink of insanity and muddled thinking. One peek into the ranks of those who to this day blindly follow anything from the vile cretin Alex Jones provides a lot of evidence to support the brainwash theory.
We are, or at the very least, need to be a nation and a society that uses their noggin for more than the proverbial mental coat rack. We have the ability at our fingertips to read and judge every ounce of information for what it is at the core.
We can, and should be, a Hell of a lot smarter.
We’re about to find out if we want to be.