I have always had a great deal of respect for Presidential historian Jon Meacham. Frankly, one of the finest and more erudite commentators on Presidential politics. However, in light of this subterfuge, I will never quite believe all he tells me is true ever again.
Neither should you or anyone else.
MSNBC did exactly the proper thing in relieving him of his paid role with the network for what amounts to a blatant conflict of interest he attempted to hide from those who write him hefty checks.
Meacham is a very smart man, yet his gray matter took a momentary vacation if he thought his role working with the Biden campaign would neither be uncovered or go unpunished. He put MSNBC in an untenable position and brings disrespect to any effort at being fair and balanced.
Honestly, knowing the man from talking with those who know him intimately, I have no doubt he’s just supremely arrogant and either didn’t believe this was a big deal, or is just too far along in his life and stature that he could care less.
While MSNBC is without question a left leaning cable channel, they could not allow Meacham to disparage them in such a manner. In deciding they will no longer pay him for his appearances, they are doing almost exactly as they should. The only question is should they have him on the air even as a guest, knowing he hid the truth from them and a national audience?
Meacham is no longer a journalist, rather a commentator and analyst. He still falls under the need to deal with any blatant conflict of interest swiftly and permanently. Meacham’s reputation as a commentator in such situations is now forever stained, and one needs to always wonder from this point forward if he is using his appearances as a means to an end for his clients and partisan needs.
Then again, as I noted, I don’t think he really gives a damn what anyone thinks. Which is truly the dangerous part in all this, seeing as he has unbuckled his commentator’s belt of honesty and taken a smiling whiz all over transparent commentary.
The legitimate press is under siege in America at the moment, and in many ways, they suffer from self-inflicted wounds. They need to do more than band-aid smirking arrogance such as this. It needs to be excised and removed from the airwaves.