Far too many people see the broadcast media, and here I mean television news, as being untrustworthy and dealing fake news hyperbole in order to do nothing more than to get ratings. 

I’ve been a broadcast journalist my entire career, and in a number of cases, I cannot disagree.

Where once there was real reporting, people telling fascinating stories and digging for the facts of something new, the news media itself trips over themselves dumbing down what was once a respectable product. 

Two cases in point.

First, the breathless manner with which the various cable networks could not wait to perpetuate the “Sam Nunberg Self-Immolation Tour”. The ballyhooed and sometimes hysterical manner with which every network and outlet was promoting and touting this really bad minor actor, who if he wasn’t drunk or under the influence of something really missed his chance to bark himself as a perfect mental health case on display. 

A circus act. The dog-faced boy on display. The Human Torch pouring gasoline on himself and tantalizing everyone by holding the match inches fro his face.

It was embarrassing. 

Then, moments ago, I noted where a Miami FL network affiliate was breaking out on social media, (and on their air), the live overhead pictures of police in hot pursuit of a suspect. 

In Arizona. 

This network affiliate has nothing better not anything more important to show a LOCAL audience than a feed from their affiliate in ARIZONA showing a suspect chase. No local value. No regional value. No value other than “HEY, IT’S LIVE!!!” and it eats up time. 

Sensationalist broadcast bovine excrement.

But, it was FREE, and the News Director in Miami knows they will capture those viewers who just can’t wait to see if there’s a shooting, a wreck, or something else that smacks of what many news outlets have allowed themselves to become. 

Going cheap, trading real local news for something they grab off the satellite only because IT’S THERE. 

Sir Edmund Hillary would not have been amused Neither should you be. 

Why should you trust outlets such as these that treat their audience as little more than trained sheep, don’t bother to really report on and dig into real news, in the case of local news spend most of their time doing live shots from in front of the yellow police tape, and would rather be part of the problem than even attempt at being a solution?

Our clients get on local news, national news, the hottest social media platforms and are seen millions of times on social media because they have a real story to tell. 

And they don’t need car chases to make them important or interesting. 

They already are, for all the right reasons.

#uselessnews #dumbingdownofAmerica