Since I can remember, I have always been one who reads a little deeper into words and comments. I have always sought the true meaning behind speeches, offhand quips, novels, or just a short conversation between people at the bar. I have no idea where it came from.

I wasn’t raised in an environment where listening was valued, or where like in so many stories we hear about people gathering around the dinner table to talk about issues of the day. At my house, it was always mostly useless talk about nothing at all. Somewhere along the line, as I became a broadcast journalist when my parents never wanted me to dip one foot into those waters, completely because they had no idea someone actually got paid for it, I began to listen for the meaning behind words and their relevancy.

It does sound trite and maybe even a little naive, but even here as an adult, I find a lot of truth, honor, passion and words of wisdom in music and film. The words of writers that are deeply connected to their subject matter. Soliloquies written with a purpose in mind, that of inspiring people to look beyond their daily existence and perhaps seek something better. Sure, I understand there’s a money making facet to it all. But take it from one who has that writing passion that flows from one mind and ten fingers. When you’re seeking to inspire, you never think first and foremost about the payoff.

You think instead about the lives you might touch, perhaps even change.

I don’t see or hear enough heroes being discussed of late. I find their stories are far too often buried in the angry discourses we believe will change a world around us, or maybe even our little slice of it. Of course, they never do. Instead we shout louder, scream harder, pound our fists or shoes mightier, all in the assured knowledge it will break down an argument and proclaim us the winner.

We shouldn’t be seeking a winner. We should be seeking inspiration.

For those who will say this clip presented here is most certainly not about a “real hero”, rather a fictional one, you are correct. However, there are far too many instances when movies and fantasy are as far as we go in talking about heroes. And if this provides a little push in the right direction, THAT is no fantasy.

So don’t discount these words just because they are scripted from the motion picture “Spider Man 2”. Not actually spoken by a woman named May Parker to her nephew Peter Parker (Tobey Macguire), but delivered so powerfully by the actress Rosemary Harris. God bless her soul, still smiling at the age of 91 as this is written.

These are words that could be, should be, more common in our lives.

I also believe there’s a hero in all of us.

All we have to do is let her out, let him into the light of day. Then sit back and watch the spectacle as we become something greater than we are.

Imagine the possibilities.