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“The Undefeated Image” was the very first keynote and guest speaking program Ed Berliner produced, performing for everyone from Las Vegas convention audiences to high school athletic programs, foreign embassy communications staffs to national and regional non-profit organizations. It’s based on the lessons learned inside the boardrooms and planning offices of multi-million dollar corporations, and the lunchrooms of those same companies as part of management and staff. More than 10,000 interviews Ed conducted over his award winning broadcast career, a number that is always on the rise thanks to his current podcasts and hosting of syndicated specials. The program is a mix of stories from his personal life, beginning with his accidental meeting with one of the top Mafia bosses of a generation while Ed was just a young boy, to his face-to-face encounters with aggressive politicians and history making individuals such as Sir Edmund Hillary, the first man to reach the peak of Mount Everest. Every show combines current events and relevant issues that are custom-designed to reach every audience. The goal here is more than a speech. It’s about engagement, stripping away the excuses and leading every person to understand their role in personal and professional leadership, inspiration and protecting an image at all costs. And there is good reason why Ed coined this the “Undefeated” image series. Ed Berliner is a wordsmith, a storyteller, and  professional dedicated to delivering a message that will stay with every member of the audience long after the lights have been turned down.