Ed Berliner Speaking Programs: The Man in the Arena2019-01-31T20:39:41+00:00

Ed Berliner has been part of the initial creative process, either as part of behind the scenes management, in front of the camera, or both, for 6 start-up cable and broadcast television networks. Working with every level of employee and business discipline from the multi-million dollar investment firm, to the youngest of rookie interns, Ed learned by being taught and then taking control of growth, sales, marketing, production and the human resources component at every company. These experiences are at the core of this speaking and educational program. Ed takes every member of the audience deep into the management and creative process, revealing the tricks and keys to a successful business effort from the ground floor up. He touches on the role of senior and middle management leadership, how to inspire a staff from 5-500 members, the crafting of a positive image for every member of the team, along with mistakes one can recover from, and those that make it sometimes impossible. His own experiences as a 3-time CEO of his own companies also come to the fore, creating an interactive meeting that will leave every attended asking for more. An experience filled with stories, suggestions, and secrets to creating a sound and consistent workplace culture the likes of which no other speaker can deliver.