Ed Berliner Speaking Programs: The Berliner Method2019-01-31T20:40:36+00:00

Ed Berliner is a true rarity in media. A multiple Emmy Award nominee and winner. Experienced pioneer in the creation, management and hosting of groundbreaking cable and radio networks and syndicated TV/radio programs. Add to that he is also a veteran member of the Screen Actors Guild, having appeared in numerous films, television series, syndicated specials and commercials. He has also learned acting from one of the best teachers in the industry, the acclaimed Ray Forchion. Over the years, Ed has seen a marked similarity between how actors prepare for their roles, how business can be conducted at every level, and how every individual can glean something unique from the teachings afforded those great actors. So he has merged the two disciplines, creating “The Berliner Method”, designed to utilize the performance art as a base for creating an unmatched image, a sound and always-learning level of leadership, and inspiring those around you with a positive energy that speaks well beyond the normal corporate culture training. For those times where your own energy fades, then the time has come to put on the mask and lead by example in even the difficult times. Great actors are always “on”, always ready to show the way in darkness. Ed Berliner puts those principles to work in this unique speaking engagement and workshop, where every individual in every corporate setting can be Award winning on their own.