Ed Berliner Speaking Programs: Media Intelligence Training2019-01-31T20:41:26+00:00

Ed Berliner has been at the epicenter of the greatest time of change in American media history. When what used to be a few nightly newscasts based on solid journalism and ethics, has morphed into a gargantuan media machine that chews up and spits out stories, and reputations, far too easily. There remain solid media machines that should be trusted, but sifting thru them and being able to tell them apart is the key. Companies of every size and every individual has a reputation to protect, a solid image to preserve, and must have the tools to understand the 21st Century media and how it affects every facet of our lives. Media Intelligence is Ed’s “insider” lifeline for those seeking more than a casual knowledge of social media, broadcast programming, the news media, and how it all ties together. This is not media training. While Ed works with a number of C-Level Executives, foreign dignitaries, politicians, attorneys, media professionals and others preparing them for life and appearance in front of the camera, this speaking program is designed to educate everyone on what social and broadcast media would prefer you not know about their tactics. At the conclusion of the program, everyone will understand how to manipulate the media to their advantage, the traps to avoid in allowing social media to ruin a business or a personal life, and how easy it is to be duped into becoming nothing more than a media pawn. This is vital media education for the 21st Century, and will lead to a higher level of personal brand, integrity and leadership.