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Ed Berliner’s highly interactive “Always Be Closing” Secrets to Successfully Selling Yourself” is available as individual or combined speaking, training and consulting sessions for appearances such as Sales & Marketing Conferences * C-Suite Corporate Culture & Employee Engagement Training * Professional & Personal Inspirational & Leadership Events * Management & Leadership Training * Human Resources Staff Educational Training * Corporate Retreats & Private Meetings * “1 on 1” Business Psychology Training * Corporate Brand & Retention Meetings * Athletic Department & Athletes Brand & Media Training * Broadcast & Social Media Training Programs.

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The single most important lesson Ed Berliner has learned about personal and professional life is simple and to the point.

“We are ALL salespeople”.

Every day of our life, we are ALL selling. Not merely a product. We are selling ourselves.

From the moment we meet someone to the last instance we ever make contact with them, we are in the process of selling numerous “on the shelf” items.

Our personal brand. Our ability to lead. How we think on our feet. How we act and react in the company of others. Whether we have inner strength to inspire those around us. Most important, we are selling our ability to succeed.

This means very single time you’re presenting yourself, working among colleagues, seeking to make a point, firing on all cylinders in front of your boss, standing up to deliver that rousing pre-game speech, every chance you have to make an impression that has even the slightest potential of changing your life and fortune, you never lay back and take anything for granted.

“Always Be Closing”. Always be in the mode of finishing what you started right then and there. Don’t wait for another chance. Don’t believe you’ll get another shot. Be ready to close the deal right then, right there. Exude passion, trust, confidence and put yourself at the forefront of everyone’s thinking as to whom should lead.

“Always Be Closing: The ABC’s of Successfully Selling Yourself” is the culmination of more than 30 years spent as an Emmy Award winning broadcaster, the strategic mind behind the creation of 6 broadcast networks, CEO of three nationally recognized production services, the American Media Strategist to the Embassy of Hungary and confident to numerous foreign Ambassadors, a successful member of the Screen Actors Guild, and a sought after media teacher and consultant for Fortune 500 companies.

“Always Be Closing” provides current examples of everyday business practices that will change your fortune and that of your company. It provides techniques and ideas on how to life your brand to new heights, your earning potential to unheard of levels, and change the lives of those around you with leadership and inspiration you never thought was within yourself.

Having Ed Berliner as a partner means more than the standard Trainer & Speaker.

      Now Available for inclusion in every Program:

– Pre-Event Customized Video Features & Promotions for use in your Marketing.

– Pre-Event Media Appearances for your In-House or Regional/National Media Sales & Marketing.

– Integrating Ed’s and your Social Media for Promotion, Sales & Marketing.

– Providing Customized Content for Pre-Event Sales Promotions & Packages.

– Personal Appeals to those Critical Individuals & Groups for Your Event.

– Podcast Features with Your C-Level Management Syndicated on Ed’s Platforms.

– Informational Podcast Features for Syndicated, Sales & Marketing Pre and Post Event.

– Post-Event Edited Video Features and Interviews Recorded On-Site.

– Download Availability of your Entire Event Unedited & Edited for Content and Time.

– Integration of Recorded Event Material with Your Produced Material for Teaching Module Marketing.

– Ed will be the Emcee for Special Events as part of your Complete Event Package.

Learn more about bringing “Mastering the Media” to Your Next Event

(954) 828-2250