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You have a story to tell.

Media on multiple platforms are seeking stories. We create the strategy that puts your message in front of the right person.

Pick the proper training and use the media to your advantage.

First time. Every time.


As part of any successful media strategy, the first words spoken, placed on paper, clicked out on semaphore or placed in a bottle tossed at sea had better be “Social Media”. You are either dedicated to social media being an integral part of your message designed to keep you trending, or you are willing and ready to go in the tank and disappear. It’s just that simple. This is the education and training that doesn’t just spit out numbers and algorithms. This is the personal understanding of how a social media strategy fits with every aspect of the game plan, and puts you in charge instead at every step.


What began as an easy way to share cute kitty pictures and snappy jokes has turned into the most potentially successful or dangerous manner of communication in the modern world. More careers are made or ruined every day by not remembering some simple rules about the use of Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Snapchat, message boards and any other form of textual, video and audio self-creation. One entire segment of every training session is dedicated to revealing how to use social media to your advantage, to build a positive image no one can tear down, promote yourself professionally and be in charge of your brand at all times.


An immersive “deep dive” into the world of broadcast and social media, designed to put every individual who will or may be interviewed, spend time in front of the cameras, have a microphone shoved into their face, suddenly be found on a surprise phone call, or make it their profession to represent others before the media, more fully prepared for the encounter than any training has ever delivered. “Media Intel” instructs you to know who they are, what they want, the tricks used by the media to get the answer they want, the proper way to deal with a crisis, and how to be in charge of the interview every single time.


“Fake news” is nothing new. What is now imperative for anyone who deals with the media in any form is to understand the media outlet, what they stand for, their editorial slant, and whether they are part of the legitimate press corps or what I call “clickbait media”. Here you will learn how to tell the difference, the keys to look for in their presentation, how to read a headline, when to know you’ve been conned into falling for half truths and bold-faced lies, and how to avoid having your brand and image crushed.


Here in the 21st Century, everyone has a camera 24/7 and everything you do, can and will be recorded. We now live in an age where everyone must be on guard at all times for fear of having a reputation ruined or a career sent crashing. This part of the program deals in how to be aware of your surroundings, how to protect your image, and when doing an interview being able to use the camera to your advantage. The camera never blinks. Neither will you.


Every time a reporter begins an interview or asks a question, there is a tactical side behind it. They have planned the questions, prepared for what they believe is every response, and have counter questions ready to fire away. This is in-depth training of how the press asks questions, why “No Comment” is NEVER the right answer, and how to avoid being caught in a trap. Be tactical. Be prepared. Be ahead of the game every time.


Whether live on scene, in a studio setting, on the phone, via Skype or any form of communication, there is nothing more revealing than body language and speech patterns. There are speech patterns we are often unconscious of how we use them, many times to the detriment of our image and the interview. The cliches, the speed with which we speak, the words we use will be noted and closely watched by interviewers and every person around us. Body language tells a thousand tales.  What interviewers and those around you see and hear will compliment your every move and maintain a solid image of leadership and integrity.

3,2,1…YOU’RE ON!

It all pays off in front of the camera and the audience. Putting every selected lesson together into actual interviews and a review of what you’ve learned. It’s much more than just recording an interview and giving you a copy to take home. It is a critical dissection of your body language, speech patterns, manner of answers and how you’ve learned to hear the trip question coming. This part of the training is also perfect for those who want to hone their skills at public speaking. You will have more confidence, your leadership skills will improve, and your personal and professional brand level will skyrocket. We guarantee it.