• Production & Integration with newly produced and existing profit generating content, creating compelling and eyeball/revenue generating stories for use on multiple platforms.
  • Participation in Ed’s exclusive “Road Map” process for determining only necessary expenditures.
  • Complete review of P&L processes followed by requested recommendation and/or management of ROI in conjunction with CFO.
  • Profile Development, Tracking, Engagement & Reporting on scheduled basis.
  • Increase brand awareness, drive traffic, generate new leads and start/increase revenue growth.
  • Sales and marketing best practices, including origination and oversight of specific plans in both areas.
  • Develop & implement promotional media integration for maximum marketing of corporate branding and publicity.
  • Develop & manage corporate growth in conjunction with media integration of brand message, including media scheduling and buying services.


  • Production of video, audio and printed media content for integration with social media and for standalone promotional purposes.
  • Consulting and management of sales & marketing best practices, with a focus on content for use as promotional vehicles for corporate brand.
  • Distribution & media purchasing management for all content including commercials, promotions, short features for newscast inclusion and long form programming.
  • Media training services for C-Level Executives and those interacting with the media to ensure a positive message on product and brand.
  • Booking management for appearances and interviews on standard and social media platforms.
  • Educational support for Human Resources focusing on social media training and crisis communications.
  • Retention and support for current team members by focusing on lessons learned from social media.
  • Talent support for media content hosting, voice-over production, content authoring, brand target scriptwriting and distribution
  • Spokesman services for specific events and corporate brand related promotions.


  • Production of original media components designed for use on multiple platforms, from full length programs to clips for promotion.
  • “1 on 1” or panel style interviews with client guests and officials, all designed to reach maximum global viral audience with unique storytelling.
  • Targeted demographic video and audio for personal & corporate websites including promotional messages and sponsorship inclusion.
  • Distribution management of all media content featuring specifically edited materials designed for specific media outlets.
  • Client inclusion as part of Award winning & exclusive Entourage Management program “The Man in the Arena” hosted by Ed Berliner.
  • Post production insertion in all elements of targeted messages, promotions, advertisement and marketing designed for specific demographics.
  • Targeted branding for release to specific demographics via social, broadcast, audio, podcast, print and digital media.
  • Maximization of public relations and marketing value to outlets seeking specifics material balanced for highest possible ROI.

  • Consulting & management of all or targeted promotional and advertisement media time purchases.
  • Digital purchasing strategy leveraging digital campaigns with comprehensive internal & external data and analytics.
  • Focusing on long term goals of media placement with regard to proper ROI and outlet selection.
  • Working with current staff or directly overseeing production of all large scale media promotional materials.
  • Consulting or direct management of brand distribution materials to social, broadcast, print and digital media.
  • Consulting on budgetary procedures and implementation of purchasing for standard broadcast networks.

  • “Mastering the Media”: Teaching the inner workings of the media and how to use it to your corporate and personal advantage.
  • The difference between real news and “fake news”, and how it affects your personal opinion and public brand.
  • The pitfalls of social media: How to avoid them, how to make them work for you, and how to use social media for personal and professional profit.
  • Why standard Public Relations is not enough to properly market individuals and corporate brands.
  • Instruction for C-Level and staff in conjunction with Human Resources to avoid social media mistakes and how to correct them.
  • The history of social and standard broadcast media interaction, why it’s important to understand the new dynamic for a positive brand.
  • The proper use of marketing and sales in both social and standard media, and the differences between their use and abuse in messaging.
  • Media training for appearances on all forms of media as guest, expert analyst, spokesperson and brand representative.
  • “The Show that Never Ends”: How the media of today is in essence the same media of 50 years ago, and where specific changes in media use have damaged corporate brands.

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      Now Available for inclusion in every Training & Speaking Program:

– Pre-Event Customized Video Features & Promotions for use in your Marketing.

– Pre-Event Media Appearances for your In-House or Regional/National Media Sales & Marketing.

– Integrating Ed’s and your Social Media for Promotion, Sales & Marketing.

– Providing Customized Content for Pre-Event Sales Promotions & Packages.

– Personal Appeals to those Critical Individuals & Groups for Your Event.

– Podcast Features with Your C-Level Management Syndicated on Ed’s Platforms.

– Informational Podcast Features for Syndicated, Sales & Marketing Pre and Post Event.

– Post-Event Edited Video Features and Interviews Recorded On-Site.

– Download Availability of your Entire Event Unedited & Edited for Content and Time.

– Integration of Recorded Event Material with Your Produced Material for Teaching Module Marketing.

– Ed will be the Emcee for Special Events as part of your Complete Event Package.