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802, 2021

Bruce Springsteen, Jeep, the Super Bowl, and how to truly “Reunify” America

There is always, without fail, a discourse that fires to life over the meaning and delivery of a simple television commercial. This year's Super Bowl is no exception. But while there are those who, of course without debate, believe Dolly Parton damaged her image by reworking the lyrics of "9 to 5" for a spot about people seeking to better themselves in their off hours, or those who need to dig deep and "discover" an auto insurance company making light of workplace harassment, one ad by Jeep and featuring the legendary Bruce Springsteen has exploded to become fighting words. Of course, everything that takes a destructive argumentative tone these days is centered on politics. While the commercial makes not one mention of anything political, it has, no shock here, been ripped into by those who see it as nothing more than a political attack.

202, 2021

The unbreakable connection between Confederate license plates and the 2021 DC insurrection

As North Carolina rates a "Bravo" moment in deciding to cease issuing license plates with the Confederate flag, something in their announcing statement took me to pause. Where they noted the plates "have the potential to offend those who view them". It's the word "potential" that is at the center of the discussion, at least to me. How could it not insult just some people, but most people? How about everyone?

1401, 2021

DC riot insurrectionists disguised as “journalists” aren’t fooling anybody.

We have reached that point where you, the news accepting public, are going to have to make your call. The sides are simple to discern. You remain curious about where your information comes from, and will refuse to rely on one source or a collective, biased entity to tell you how to think. You will use the power of the internet for something other than role-playing games, and instead do something to educate yourself and those around you. You will seek the facts.Or....You will get on all mental fours and lap up every verbal urination based on propaganda, misinformation, disinformation and lies because its convenient and you couldn't be bothered to actually spend some time to educate yourself. You thus are agreeing to remain, quite frankly, as useless as a stump. 

1401, 2021

A need to relearn the art of communication at a time of national arguing.

The road before us is loaded with land mines, however I hope that as we struggle to make sense of it all, we might even learn to communicate again. Look, not everyone will get it. A lot of people will rail against it and continue on their verbally and textually destructive paths. The hope is they will begin, even at the smallest point, to become the minority. I hope that happens in the short life span I have remaining. I'd like to be here and see it.


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