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Be Different. Be Daring. Be Fearless.



  • Sales & Marketing Conferences.
  • C-Suite Culture and Employee Engagement Events.
  • Professional & Personal Inspirational Conferences.
  • Management & Leadership Training.
  • Human Resources Inspiration & Training.
  • Corporate Retreats & Private Meetings.
  • “1 on 1” Business Psychology Training.
  • Corporate Brand & Retention Meetings.
  • Broadcast and Social Media Training Programs.


  • Marketing & Creating Profitability Utilizing the Human Element.
  • Uncover & Refine Methods that Work Just for You.
  • Viewing Leadership as More than Just a Cliche.
  • Breaking the Barriers of being seen as “Just a Boss”.
  • Avoiding the Career Killing Traps of Social Media.
  • Why “Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way” Doesn’t Work.
  • Leadership, Inspiration & Brand Work Seamlessly with Profit.
  • Understand why Being “Wrong” is a Positive Step.
  • Retention Rates & Company Loyalty are Easier than You Think.
  • Inspire Teamwork & Unity by Letting Them See You Sweat.

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Having Ed Berliner as a partner means more than the standard Trainer & Speaker.

                              Now Available for inclusion in every Program:

– Pre-Event Customized Video Features & Promotions for use in your Marketing.

– Pre-Event Media Appearances for your In-House or Regional/National Media Sales & Marketing.

– Integrating Ed’s and your Social Media for Promotion, Sales & Marketing.

– Providing Customized Content for Pre-Event Sales Promotions & Packages.

– Personal Appeals to those Critical Individuals & Groups for Your Event.

– Podcast Features with Your C-Level Management Syndicated on Ed’s Platforms.

– Informational Podcast Features for Syndicated, Sales & Marketing Pre and Post Event.

– Post-Event Edited Video Features and Interviews Recorded On-Site.

– Download Availability of your Entire Event Unedited & Edited for Content and Time.

– Integration of Recorded Event Material with Your Produced Material for Teaching Module Marketing.

– Ed will be the Emcee for Special Events as part of your Complete Event Package.

Ed donates a tax-deductible percentage of every performance, appearance and contract to a Regional/National charity of your choice, or one of his favorite charities in your name.

Inspiration is all around us. Join Ed in seeking to inspire and help those in need. 

Contact Us for a Customized Speaking Plan (954) 828-2250


Ed Berliner Delivers “The Undefeated Image”

Inspiring Leadership, an Unwavering Image, and a Solid Passion for Integrity


Commentary and Observations used in specific speaking programs

“The Undefeated Image” Book Preview: Putting the “Human” back into Human Resources

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