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Corporate brands are under attack every single day from multiple media platforms, many of them seeking nothing more than “clickbait” headlines designed to make them profitable at your expense. Developing a solid media strategy ensures your message is placed into the right hands of the legitimate media.

When every member of your organization is prepared for whatever may be aimed at your brand, there is no need for “crisis communications”. There is no crisis. There is a strategy in place that shows confidence without arrogance, provides facts over rumor, presents leadership over chaos.

Your brand is untouchable and intact.

Over a broadcast career spanning more than 30 years, I have interviewed more than 15,000 people. The good and the bad. The dreamers and the doers. The winners and the losers. And, what I have learned from them all, whether positive or negative, is the inescapable connection between leadership, integrity, responsibility, accountability, and their personal brand. How they achieved it. Why they missed it. How they persevered. When they knew they were doing it right and doing it wrong. As part of a thorough media strategy, I will share with you those lessons learned. I will make you and every member of your organization a trusted leader. I will make your corporate brand unshakeable. We will make your organization a finely tuned machine that will retain workers, make for a workplace that sings with productivity, turning “pain points” into production success, and leaves a positive media mark every single time.

Keynote speech. Workshops. “1 on 1” training with our exclusive and in-depth “The Mechanic” training program”.

Sales. Marketing. Customer service. Every level of management and every level of employee. Guaranteed.

THE 5 W’s

As a lifelong broadcast journalist, I was taught from the beginning that every story can be unearthed with only 5 questions. 5 words beginning with the letter “W”. Who, What, Why, When and Where. This portion of the program challenges every individual to answer 5 questions designed specifically for the organization and what they want to elicit from their team. Examples are “Who do YOU think you are?”, “What can YOU do to change your level of Leadership?”, “When was the last time YOU thought about your personal image?”, “Where will YOU help take your professional life and that of your co-workers in one year?”, and “Why do YOU do what you do and how does it benefit those around you?”. This is a rousing interactive discussion where participants take home their answers, and use them to improve their image and that of their profession every day.


The 1972 Miami Dolphins, the only team to never lose a game en route to a Super Bowl championship, are the inspiration for this training program. The men who took the field, the coaches, everyone in the organization, put together an unparalleled team from so many diverse backgrounds and never missed a beat. The Undefeated Image program is designed for every level of those organizations seeking to instill a level of leadership that will permeate the personal and professional lives of every member of their team. I believe in the power of news video and audio, those moments captured forever that provide touch points speaking to us all. The successes and the failures. Moments we can all relate to. Every facet of the program is custom designed to the specific needs of the organization, focusing on the brand and image every person will take to the workplace and home to their friends and families. It is uplifting, educational, entertaining, and guaranteed to leave an audience inspired.


A keynote speech or a one-day workshop will change personal and professional lives, but only consistent training and attention to detail will ensure an organization runs to peak performance. New employees and managers are always entering the workforce, and there is nothing more important than maintaining a consistent level of training and awareness. My job is to assist Human Resources in the day-to-day motivation of the staff and management. Solving any issues before they begin. Recognizing those issues before they turn into pain points that can affect the entire organization. Working to keep a solid and flowing line of communication between management and team. Keep the engine humming to peak productivity and every member of the team passionate about what they do. Winning teams thrive on consistent maintenance before the breakdown. I return every quarter, fill the tank with high octane productivity, and never let the corporate engine miss a beat.


Nothing has affected the workforce and the corporate image as presented via the media more than social media. Used properly, it can deliver solid promotional results, rise sales to unheard of heights, and promote a level of inter-office cooperation that will take create a solid and productive atmosphere. Used incorrectly, however, it can destroy careers, leave an organization scrambling to regain a solid footing, and cripple the interaction of every team member from the CEO to the new hire. I use current news examples to instruct everyone where the danger lurks. What not to write on Facebook. Why getting into a Twitter battle can backfire on your career and company. The need to think twice or even three times before posting that response. And how everything an individual does can and will reflect on the workplace. This is without question the most eye-opening part of every training session, and is guaranteed to change the workplace culture and make every individual a smarter and more effective individual.


In more than 30 years as a broadcast journalist, I have been told many an emotional story. I have seen the greats and the unknowns rise and fall. And I have been affected personally and deeply by so many of these stories. These are the people and tales that have shaped my life. Left me cheering and left me in tears. At every event, I share a personal story that is designed to challenge how people view their life, personally and professionally. This is my opportunity to lift every audience to seek out something special in their lives, seek to attain real greatness, turn their lives around if need be, and become more empowered to overcome adversity and dig for that extra piece of life that will make every day something special. These are my personal moments, ones I happily share with every audience. Just seeking to make a difference.