Donald Trump & Twitter: From impactful to predictable to comical.

Donald Trump and what is his best friend or his worst enemy.

The tweet.

I’m more than honest with my clients. I am what some would call brutally honest. Then again, in my business, it should be appreciated instead of feared. Which is why the question begs to be asked.

Why are so many smart people incapable of understanding how dangerous Twitter and tweets can be?

They never go away. They live forever. They are more indestructible than Superman on a good day. They are more revealing than anything worn by Raquel Welch in “One Million Years B.C.”, (for those of you too young to remember, we’ll wait while you Google and get the reference). There are no “take backs”. No “slipsies”. And when it comes to having and maintaining a real and effective media strategy, one cannot simply pass them off as “no big deal”.

No matter who you are.

The higher up the food chain you go, the greater the scrutiny from every corner. The damage is controllable because you are in control. As I’ve said many times, if you want to be the person standing in the middle of the Interstate highway at 3AM, coated in honey and feathers, wearing a Fred Astaire-style top hat, holding a mock Jedi lightsaber while dancing to music of “The BackStreet Boys”, then you go right ahead. It’s your image. It’s your brand. It’s your decision. But then don’t whine and cry when someone has it recorded on the cell phone and releases it for all the world to see.

Because it’s your choice. And once it’s out there, it’s all yours.

Let’s be fair. Even his opponents know the President, (or whomever at the moment is assigned to be him in the twitter-verse), is THE master at Twitter. He and his staff changed Presidential politics forever with their use of it. However, those opponents and even some of his followers admit it’s not all positive.

Almost 60% of Americans in one very reputable poll see his tweeting as a really bad idea.

Put me in that group, not as a voter but as a media strategist. His use of the platform has become somewhat predictable, and in this case, very possibly litigious.

In the case of his latest tweet, the President’s comment about perhaps global warming being a good thing for those now living with bitter winter cold is a better comedy act than any real statement. It’s almost as if the person writing this tweet, and there are at least 2 people designated to handle this chore, was still working off a 3-Stage Bender after a holiday weekend at Mar-A-Lago.

It has become so easy for any and all forms of media to just head for his Twitter page and regurgitate anything and everything. It’s the new cottage industry.

His tweets are becoming less meaningful and more damaging.

My advice to President Trump is the same I give all my clients.

When it comes to Twitter, be smarter.

You are the most powerful man on the planet, Mr. President. Stop playing such useless games and pay attention to more important things. This kind of publicity and damage is beneath you and the Office itself.

I guarantee there is not one single client of mine who makes mistakes such as this. Not. One.

Because far too often they witness the damage others, such as the President, do to themselves not being able to tear themselves away from that keyboard.