“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”: Sir Isaac Newton’s Third Law of Motion.

“It is wrong and immoral to seek to escape the consequences of one’s acts”: Mohandas Gandhi.

“Social media allows everyone to never forget how incredibly lacking in smarts a person can be”: Ed Berliner.

Just for good measure, allow me to add another one to the mix.

“You wrote it. You earned it”.

I will not, like so many others, call Gina Carano stupid. First and foremost, I’ve stopped using that word when speaking of anyone. It’s insulting, demeaning, and even if someone deserves it, stooping to use shows a serious lack of conversational intelligence on the part of the author. “Dense”, “dull-witted”, “obtuse”, “half-baked” and “imbecilic” certainly show a higher level of communications skills. I much more prefer the British manner of wordplay, as it has so much more style and imagination. Referring then to someone as “prat” or “gormless” is much more refined. That, and chances are here in America, few would understand what you’ve just called them.

Go right for the Australian term “flaming galah”, and watch their heads explode.

Second, the description wouldn’t fit here at all. Carano has navigated well the snake-pit infested worlds of mixed martial arts and Hollywood. Scream sexism all you want, but being a model for “ESPN: The Magazine”s body issue, alongside the likes of Serena Williams, is worth the weight in promotional gold for both public arenas. It also takes plenty of savvy, good management and more than a little luck to be singled out as an exceptional film performance when surrounded by heavyweights such as Dwayne Johnson, Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and Gal Gadot on films such as “Fast & Furious 6”. Carano had a small part but got noticed enough to catch the attention of major casting directors. She was, like the action stunts she was becoming so noted for, on a serious roll.

So don’t call Carano stupid. She obviously is not worthy of such derision.

However, oh Gina, with all that going for you, how could you not understand how gormless you allowed yourself to become.

Carano had risen to what for many in acting is a pinnacle. A featured role on a Disney franchise series. Not just any series, mind you. This is “Star Wars”, one of the all-time steadfast money and career makers in tinseltown history. Armed with the perfect physique and the necessary acting chops, she captured the role of Cara Dune in the live-action Disney+ series, “The Mandalorian”. For Star Wars geeks, I mean loyal fans, this series was a sign from Jedi Masters of old, (not those damned Midichlorians, mind you), that the mythos had new legs, new fuel, and was aimed at a bright new future with plenty of lightsabers and, hopefully, no other women who rolled the sides of their hair into something resembling cinnamon buns.

Hey, inside joke. If you don’t get it, don’t try. Then your head would explode.

Carano became an instant hit with fans. Loyalty like that is coin of the realm. In front of her beckoned a long and very profitable course featuring never-ending residual checks, comic book rights fees, a potential jump to the feature film series, and another never-ending stream of payoffs by attending several ComicCon appearances a year, and flexing her muscles keeping the nerds, I mean fans, happy with pumped-up selfies and glamor poses.

Without the cinnamon buns, naturally.

This and much more was right there. not even for the taking. It was the solid done deal. Money in the Tatooine bank. New star cruisers every few months. Never having to play second Chindinkalu flute to anyone, especially Jar Jar Binks, for the rest of her life.

Then, as if channeling Darth Vader in “Revenge of the Sith”, Carano allowed the dark side of the Hollywood Force to reach into her soul and poison her forever. 

She allowed destructive ego & arrogance to become her Master.

Carano miscalculated. Badly. Irreparably. 

She was not Obi-Wan Kenobi. She could not be struck down and made more powerful. Neither the Force, nor Luke Skywalker, nor her agent, could save her once she was then exposed and accepted a very 21st Century Earth ailment. 

Social media stupefaction

Here’s the rub.

Carano is a free-lance employee of a major corporation, one that derives every single profit dollar from the general public. That means people of every race, sex, creed, political belief, chunky vs. creamy peanut butter lovers around the world, all kinds. The last thing this Empire wants to do is alienate a portion of that audience and watch as the profit line drops. As the employer, especially one hiring Union workers where contracts are negotiated and include these nagging little things called “moral and conduct clauses”, they have no qualms whatsoever bouncing anyone who gets in the way of their bank accounts. 

Think the scene from “Network”, where main character, Howard Beale, is firmly slapped into place by his boss at a major television network. 

You do not interfere with the primal forces of nature, especially in Hollywood.

Carano did. With zeal. 

Either as a force of carelessness, ignorance, idiocracy or just plain arrogance as in “they wouldn’t dare fire me”, Carano shot her textual mouth off on social media about the most divisive issues in America today.

Disney actually gave her plenty of Bantha rope. They didn’t flinch on her belief that noted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein didn’t commit suicide in prison, as the conspiratorial wankers all believed he was killed by those seeking to “hide the truth” and save their Hollywood masters. It’s never difficult to read between the lines.

The suits barely could be noticed squirming in their cushy office chairs when Carano laser-blasted half of the potential ticket and streaming buying service faithful ready to shell out their cash with a not-so-veiled political shot across the bow. Hey, no worries. The “Star Wars” franchise will shrug this off and slap a new outfit on Baby Yoda for the 2021 holidays.

However, taking on the slaughter of 6 million Jews at the hands of the Nazis by comparing the systematic execution of these people to the current political madness in America? As Grand Moff Tarkin put it so succinctly, “charming, to the last”.

The House of Mouse could no longer fend off the shots. All of them were warranted, and the only way to survive this onslaught was to dispatch the renegade with all haste. Carano was not merely gone in a blink, she was blasted out of the Hollywood airlock with all prejudice. She had knowingly crossed the uncrossable line. Sure, she may be a talented actor, but she is quickly and easily replaced. Her powerful and influential agency dropped her like 10 day old meeting quiche. At 38 years of age, and with this on her dance card, Carano hopefully has saved her Disney paychecks. Those residuals won’t last forever. As far as the business is concerned, she may as well take that walk on the plank and say hello to the Sarlaac.

Carano brought this all onto herself. Again, she’s not stupid. Foolish, perhaps. Arrogant, without question. Delusional, maybe. All of this can only add up to an employee who thought she could say whatever she wanted, and her employer couldn’t touch her because, and I can only assume this, she believed she had every right in the world to write and say whatever she wanted. Fans loved her, the series was a hit, and she was celebrity teflon.

Actually, she’s not completely incorrect. She does have the right to write or say whatever she wants. Anytime, anywhere.

What she’s missing in all this, what she and thousands of people every day overlook, are the consequences. Speak, yell, bellow as long and as loud as you want, but remember there are consequences to every action. There is always a reaction. There is always a backlash.

You say it, you own it.

That is why Disney did not fire Gina Carano. She fired herself. She took the torch, lit it, believed she could stand right in the epicenter of the flame and not suffer a single burn. She believed she could say anything and escape the consequences.

She made the same mistake her new friends make every day when it comes to the insidious idiocy of social media. Sure, she’ll probably not be out of work for long. However, she is now the tin standard, the newest knucklehead, the commander of the First Order of Fools when it comes to being old enough to know better about the damage social media can do, yet believing repercussions don’t apply to them. 

Pity them not. Don’t feel sorry for them. At this stage of our social media develop, don’t soothe them into believing they get a second chance. If a long recent history of what is written and said on social media never vanishes, and will return to strike you down with the force of a good ion cannon hasn’t been learned, you’re on your own.

In other words, our newest flaming galah.