Thanks to social media, specifically You Tube, Facebook and Twitter, any number of ragamuffin jokesters, hucksters and failed mental acrobats have taken to calling themselves “journalists” the last several years. Just because they carry a cell phone with any number of recording devices and can put two sentences together thanks to “Spell Check”, they delusionally believe themselves to be reporters and commentators. What they are, without question, comprises just another offshoot of the con artists, liars, misinformation spewers and propaganda punks that seek to line our national discourse with ruin and juvenile humor. 

You Tube was truly the genesis of this mendacious masquerade. All anyone needed was a set of tripod lights, a USB headset or microphone and any one of a myriad of really bad production software collections and “VIOLA!”, instant phony broadcaster. Now, of course, things have become more sophisticated, with graphics and audio packages that look and sound as if they were produced by former community cable software developers. The ranting and raving of these mouth-breathers hasn’t changed much, with the exception of now having a green screen wall in the basement and being able to order soft drinks and Cheetos without having to bother Mom. 

While there are indeed a good number of those who aspire to the spirit of journalism and factual ethics, and they need to be applauded for their efforts, too often they are buried beneath the clickbait sensationalistic tactics of those who do it to stir the discourse pot. In the end, the greatest achievement they hope for is to become known as a “social media influencer”, which along with $10 will just have enough to buy a lotto ticket or the latest in artificial body enhancements. 

Cases in point, Nicholas Ochs and Dick NeCarlo. Just the fact I’m writing about them will provide an emotional jolly charge for both. Trust me, I thought long and hard about ignoring Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum entirely. However, their admonition about being “journalists” rubbed me the wrong way to the point of needing to expose these boorish bumpkins for who, and what, they truly are. 

They are at the moment part of a high level news coverage cycle, one where everyone is seeking different and maybe even informative or entertaining sidebar stories revolving around the Washington DC insurrection attempt. Several outlets, and in this case “Yahoo News”, have deemed them interesting enough to write about as they have both coined themselves “citizen journalists” to explain why they were there on January 6 2021, and why they were part of the terrorist mob that invaded and trashed the Nation’s Capitol building. 

Who are these intrepid interlopers? One thing is certain. They are as close to being journalists as Eric Cartman is to being the new lead in a reimagining of “Conan the Barbarian”. 

All apologies, Eric. I think even Trey and Matt would enjoy the analogy. 

Nicholas Ochs is a self-professed member of “The Proud Boys”, a violent, racist, misogynistic, neo-fascist, white supremacist, far-Right wing extremist organization that as part of it’s membership demands every male masturbate no more than once a month

Ochs may have plenty of time for practice, having recently been arrested and released for the time being on Federal charges for being part of the violent mob that decided the best way to set America straight, or at least their version of it, was to seek out lawmakers, terrorize them, perhaps even kidnap and ransom them, and become social media darlings in the process. 

Ochs was, of course, not there to cover any story. He was there to be part of the story, and thus increase public popularity and impress his fellow self-gratification exhibitionists.

Dick NeCarlo, a coward seeking to remain anonymous and proving yet again that those on a specific mentally deficient scale don’t have nearly enough imagination to come up with a better fake handle, is a self-proclaimed online talk show host, (please refer to my earlier characterization of these basement dwelling mental cadavers), who is using the alleged “Christian” fund-raising site “GiveSendGo” to crowdfund for no other reason than to put the cash in his own pocket for much needed guitar lessons. 

Note to “GiveSendGo”: I don’t think allowing someone who gave a thumbs up to the words “Murder the Media” scrawled onto a door in the Nation’s Capitol during a riot where 5 people died is the epitome of Christian beliefs. Then again, this is the website that not only allowed, but heartily got behind the effort of Myles Cosgrove to raise money for his retirement. Cosgrove, for the uninitiated, is the cop who shot and killed Breonna Taylor in a raid where the investigation has raised the possibility a warrant was obtained under false pretenses. 

I digress.

The mere fact they dare to call themselves “journalists” is insulting to the hard working men and women in America, and around the world, who seek to bring forth facts without fear or favor. Journalists here in America have become targets and often fear for their safety, thanks in no small part to words from Donald Trump, who played his usual verbal shell game to dupe the unwitting. 

We have reached that point where you, the news accepting public, are going to have to make your call. The sides are simple to discern. 

You remain curious about where your information comes from, and will refuse to rely on one source or a collective, biased entity to tell you how to think. You will use the power of the internet for something other than role-playing games, and instead do something to educate yourself and those around you. You will seek the facts.


You will get on all mental fours and lap up every verbal babbling based on propaganda, misinformation, disinformation and lies because its convenient, and you couldn’t be bothered to actually spend some time to educate yourself. You thus are agreeing to remain, quite frankly, as useless as a stump. 

At the moment, there is the starting line. Certainly, the competition will change as the race goes on. However, from this point, those are your choices. 

Having been part of this honorable profession my entire adult life, I choose to be a purveyor and deliverer of research facts, and opinions, based on those provable truths knowing that my words and actions have consequences. The only consequence a real and honest journalist should ever face, is the conversation they create by seeking to truthfully inform at any cost. 

Not being glad about becoming a ward of the state with three squares a day on the plate, or stealing from the gullible to line pockets. 

These are not journalists of any stretch. They are little more than stains to be hosed from the sidewalk of society and left to fester in their own putrid bile. 

Much like those who follow them hook, line, and sinker.