• The MLB All-Star Game decision in light of the facts & a long history of racism in the game.

    The Governor of Georgia is on fire with his take on recent voting legislation, but a deeper look into the actual law reveals he's not being entirely truthful. There's also the case for Major League Baseball, as they themselves are doing penance for a long and deep seated history of racism within their own ranks. It all culminated again in athletes doing what they believe is correct in seeking to change societal wrongs, and in the process, lighting again the fire for those who say sports has no business in politics when, in actuality, sports may do more for social change than any politician.

  • Shannon Sharpe: WORST “lawyer” in America. SCOTUS has the NCAA worried. Bravo activist athletes.

    With absolutely no evidence whatsoever in the DeShaun Watson case, we are overwhelmed by terrible actors such as Shannon Sharpe pretending to be lawyers, and the easily amused falling for their nonsense and sometimes hysterical opinions.

  • Are we STILL talking about saving MLB? One thing that should be changed, & nonsense on “The Shift”.

    Are we really still talking about SAVING BASEBALL again? What one thing would Joe add as a rules change that is overdue? We'll dig into how the relationship between players and reporters has changed irrevocably, and the discourse about "The Shift" with sage words from Cal Ripken Jr. It's not entirely what he says, but when he said it.

  • The NCAA con job on women’s athletics. Why is Britt Reid not in jail? DeShaun Watson’s “allegations” and the fact someone is lying.

    The NCAA has been exposed again as the organization that could care less about student -athletes unless they ring the cash register. March Madness left them exposed, but why is anyone shocked? We've seen this con job for decades. Meantime, another con job brews in Kansas City, where a 5 year old girl will never have a normal life again, and the son of Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid is still walking the streets after crushing her life. Want to bet where he would be if he wasn't the son of a Super Bowl winning coach?

  • The magnificence of Marvelous Marvin, wanna-be broadcast dunces in Oklahoma, Damon & Leonard dunces

    The mastery that was Marvelous Marvin Hagler, yet the one thing he repeated that may not have been so true. The fallout from the "N-word" high school "broadcaster" in Oklahoma proving that knucklehead wanna-be's should never be allowed in front of a microphone. Why is Meyers Leonard still on the Miami Heat when he obviously is a grown man with the mind of a teenager?

  • “The Sports Reporters”: College Football, LSU, Kansas, crime & the art of the coverup

    College football and the never-ending string of cover-ups. Is there no one better at protecting criminals and criminal behavior than supposed institutions of "higher learning"? Not only did LSU do everything they could to hide the fact Les Miles was a sexual predator, but then the University of Kansas completely turned their heads when hiring him for their multi-million position os Head Football Coach. Does this nonsense ever end, and do fans even care?

  • Bobby Bowden & Steve Spurrier: A rare conversation with College football Hall of Famers.

    When was the last time you watched or listened to a show where both college football Hall of Famers Bobby Bowden and Steve Spurrier were together talking their careers, college football, and featured a good Bowden joke? It's all right here in a very special episode of "The Man in the Arena", as the men who helped make Florida college football the powerhouse that it is discuss their rivalry, what they look for in players, how they turn out winners, and what they're doing to help student athletes of today become more than just football players.

  • Ali vs Frazier “The Fight of the Century”. The most impactful sporting event in American history.

    It was March 8, 1971. The hype said it was “The Fight of the Century”, and few perhaps realized how true that statement was. The first heavyweight title fight between champion Joe Frazier and challenger Muhammad Ali was more than just 2 men slugging it out in a Madison Square Garden ring for 15 rounds. It was a sporting, social, and cultural phenomenon that resonates to this day.

  • American Cults: QAnon, Donald Trump, March 4th, January 6th, insurrection, and the rise of homegrown political terror

    Cults are nothing new in America, but the stunningly fast rise of QAnon into becoming not just a political cult, but one filled to the brim with potential homegrown terrorists, has taken mindless devotion to dangerous heights. From the January 6th insurrection riots in Washington DC, to March 4th 2021 when zealots and cultists were all convinced Donald Trump would be inaugurated and again become President, cult behavior has turned from mere belief to sometimes murderous intent.

  • “Sports Pulse”: Super Bowl Hits & Misses. Mahomes knee jerk GOAT. Watson, Rodgers, Brees futures.

    Super Bowl LV hasn't been played and already there's talk about this being a "game for the ages". Why? Because there's a QB who has obviously made a deal with the Devil against a youngster whom some have already tabbed the next GOAT? There's more to the game than all that, and it's right here on "The Man in the Arena: Sports Pulse".