• Vaccine stupid. NFL drops the COVID19 hammer. Pelosi gaffe? The 75 year old Playboy bunny.

    The head shaking fact that some people still won't touch a vaccine that could keep them, and others, from dying. The NFL sets new COVID19 guidelines that could, and maybe should, ripple across all sports and every business. Did Nancy Pelosi get caught in a right wing trap over the January 6th hearings? And just how good can a 75 year old look in a Playboy Bunny outfit?

  • The thriving American “civil war”, racist Florida, Despicable in Delray Beach & CHILI WARS

    What the despicable verbal racist attack against an Asian restaurant owner in Florida teaches us about a portion of society that will seemingly never surrender their evil.

  • Free 4 All: COVID19 herd thinning, bumbling local press, the lesson of Britney, & black America vaccine fears

    The tragic state of local TV news, how COVID19 is helping to thin the stupid herd of one political Party, why black America is still wary of the COVID19 vaccine, and the reality of conservatorship fraud that is much more than meets the eye in the Britney Spears case.

  • Free 4 All: Disrespectful Lightning. The “A” in Stephen A. Smith. Can we still laugh at Bill Cosby & Woody Allen?

    The tampa Bay Lightning players basically took a dump on the Stanley Cup, or a bump if you will. No one enjoys great athletes anymore, and can we still laugh at Bill Cosby and Woody Allen jokes from the past?

  • Time to stop saying “Happy” with regard to Memorial Day, and here are the simple reasons why.

    VP Kamala Harris started a firestorm with her tweet ignoring the meaning of Memorial Day and tossing it off as a "long weekend". It was insensitive, short-sighted, and a mistake she and her staff hopefully now realize. It opens the door to a larger issue, that of wishing people a "Happy" Memorial Day. It's just as wrong, and without knee jerking, take a few minutes and understand why we would be better suited to consider other words in connection with the holiday, that means so much more to so many people other than hot dogs and picnics.

  • What do Demi Lovato, “The View”, and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot have in common? Here’s the “news”.

    The single biggest issue driving America toward a level of empty-headedness we have never before witnessed is the inability of people, and platforms, to separate real news from fluffy nonsense. Demi Lovato's reveal this week was not news to be carried by legitimate sources. While it was important to a faction of people, and certainly snared Lovato plenty of attention, clicks and new sources of revenue, it was not real news. Oh, and don't start the debate by saying anyone who says that is criticizing her for a lifestyle. That's NOT the point here, people.

  • The Dangerous Tim Tebow: Leaving a trail of jealous and angry explosive heads in his wake.

    The announcement that Tim Tebow was on the verge of attempting another NFL comeback turned out to be the single most interesting and ridiculous media event of 2021. Heads of so-called NFL "experts" and analysts, including more than a few out of work former NFL assistant coaches, were imploding from coast to coast, and angry couch potato fans were livid at the possibility. Why? What's the big deal? What is about Tebow that gets people so riled up?

  • FOX, Newsmax and others paying the reputation price for admitting to being purveyors of propaganda.

    While they certainly aren't the only media outlets guilty of spreading propaganda horse manure regarding the 2020 Presidential election, FOX and Newsmax are the two outlets that have been snared and damned publicly for their admitted use of disinformation, misinformation, and just plain falsehoods. Knowing this, both outlets need to be prepared when someone calls them out publicly. Recent interviews on both outlets showed how badly prepared their on-air hosts were when challenged by guests who laid the trap, and the talent fell right into it by becoming combative, arrogant, and more than a little unprofessional.

  • Horse racing in the US: Time to end the only “sport” where people pay to watch the athletes die.

    What was once sold to people as "The Sport of Kings", thoroughbred horse racing in America is now little more than a greedy bloodsport. Every single day, horses die in training, on the track, and in their stalls. Those in the sport repeat the lies about "caring" for the animals, when in reality, horses are drugged to the point of where they feel no pain even when bones are shattering. These are relative infants being forced to perform unnatural acts, all in the call for owners and trainers to get richer, and for gamblers to plunge their brains out watching as the athletes they cheer on could be dead right in front of their eyes.

  • The enduring mystery & legacy of the 1986 Boston Red Sox

    1986 remains a year frozen in time for baseball fans, and specifically those of the Boston Red Sox. This was a truly magical season, one where a team given little shot at the World Series was pieced together brilliantly, and knowing full well their importance to an entire region and generations of loyal fans, this team did the impossible. Well, almost. There are those who believe there could never have been a Red Sox team that broke the "Curse of the Bambino" were it not for this 1986 team, and they well may be correct.