• Drew Brees has nothing to apologize for. Belichick vs. Brady. The most delusional DC rioter of them all, and Dangerous Donald.

    Newsfront, America holds its breath during Inauguration week as we need to ask who is protecting whom? What will Donald Trump do in private life to continue his shock and awe? Is he now the single most dangerous individual in America? And you will meet the single most delusional DC rioter of them all, or perhaps a perfect example of insanity.

  • “Sports Pulse”: Shaq vs. Harden, shaky Jets fans, a rioting Olympian, & is Boston vs NY still a thing?

    Shaq goes after the whiny James Harden over his deal to the NY Nets and calls him out for failing in Houston. Even with a new Head Coach, why should NY Jets fans trust the worst ownership in the NFL? Should the US Olympic family punish one of their own involved in the Washington DC insurrection riots? And is the rivalry between Boston and NY still something fans even think about?

  • Future sports stars: Developing the next generation & preparing them for real life

    In any normal year, America is dotted with sports camps of all types and sizes. This is where they promise to prepare young athletes for their next athletic step, often from high school to college. But aside from teaching them how to block, tackle and shoot, are they really preparing this next generation for the real skills and opportunities they will face? The Florida Rising Stars Foundation is changing the way camps are run, bringing in notable coaches and athletes to impart more than just playing skills

  • The 2021 NHL season, emerging from the 2020 COVID19 bubble, a League edge & franchises in trouble.

    The NHL emerges from a successful 2020 COVID19 bubble season with more questions than at any time in their modern history. Exactly when that 2021 season will start, the desperate need to put fans in the seats, franchises in more financial distress than ever before, players being told to get ready for pay cuts, and then there's the players on the way up and the ones who need to break out the golf bags. Speaking of money, aren't these franchises owned by multi-millionaires? Doesn't it seem more than a little insulting to hear them cry poverty because of the pandemic?

  • NYC & the 80’s “Empire of Greed”, Michael Jordan’s GOAT, & COVID19 vs. the US Sports Fan

    Whether sports or politics, it seems everything begins in New York City. Prolific author and noted sports reporter/commentator Sean Deveney has proof, both via his more than 20 years spent along the NBA hardcourt and every other major American professional sport championship, but also in his research intertwining such diverse figures as Doc Gooden, Donald Trump and Ed Koch making a solid point about greed and glory in America.

  • How to fix NASCAR and other tidbits from legendary motorsports reporter Godwin Kelly.

    After 40+ years as the dean of the Daytona International Speedway press room, now former Daytona Beach News-Journal Motorsports journalist Godwin Kelly joins Ed Berliner for a wide ranging discussion of things such as why NASCAR fumbled their chance at the really big time, how they can get it back on track, why drivers both past and present are essential to that recovery, and why reporters here in 2020, both in racing and other sports, need to take lessons in humility and professionalism before writing good stories goes completely out of style.

  • Can the NHL survive another COVID19 season? That and more with Hockey HOF announcer Jiggs McDonald

    He is one of, if not the, most prolific play by play announcer to ever call action on the ice. With more than 5000 regular season games to his credit, more than 200 NHL playoff games under his belt, and a few Stanley Cups to show for it, Jiggs McDonald is one of the very best there has ever been at calling hockey. Time to tell those tales as he joins Ed Berliner on "The Man in the Arena"

  • NFL Dumpster Fire: COVID19, NFC East, teams destined for fan heartbreak and the Tale of Tom Brady

    One thing is certain: The NFL has done a miserable job in dealing with COVID19. But have they taken the 2020 season and turned it into one that will forever carry an asterisk?

  • LSU gets help in criminal coverup. Johnny Bench calls Pete Rose out. More misery for Cubs fans.

    The rampaging sexual assault case at LSU should surprise no one, and indeed it doesn't shock those who know anything about big time college athletics. History shows those who claim assault are shoved to the shadows and usually demonized. The greater part of this is the coverup, and it's always been helped by those who should be bexposing it. Pete Rose & Jim Gray are doing the "Apology Tour" dance again, but this time the Hall of Fame road closes forever for Charlie Hustle.