From every Super Bowl, there rises much more than the licking of both physical and mental wounds from having been defeated, the triumphant raising of trophies to cement legendary status.
There is always, without fail, a discourse that fires to life over the meaning and delivery of a simple television commercial. This year’s Super Bowl is no exception.
But while there are those who, of course without debate, believe Dolly Parton damaged her image by reworking the lyrics of “9 to 5” for a spot about people seeking to better themselves in their off hours, or those who need to dig deep and “discover” an auto insurance company making light of workplace harassment, one ad by Jeep and featuring the legendary Bruce Springsteen has exploded to become fighting words. Of course, everything that takes a destructive argumentative tone these days is centered on politics. While the commercial makes only a passing reference to the differences between Red and Blue, it has, no shock here, been ripped into by those who see it as nothing more than a political attack.
A simple 2 minutes seeking to bring America together is being destroyed by what, and it’s obvious, can only be the same people who saw nothing sinister on January 6th in DC, who are assured socialists and Liberals are seeking to undermine America and destroy free will, and those who will lap up every second of a phony “documentary” from the laughingly delusional Mike Lindell.
This is all to be expected.
So then, what do the rest of us do? What should be the reaction from people with common sense, a desire to honestly seek to reunite a nation that is fractured to the point of incineration?
Nothing. At least, not on social media.
Hear me out.
I focused on one tweet form an individual who wrote that Jeep, in producing this commercial, needs to “GTFOH”. Use your imagination.
This person does it for two reasons. One, because all they see is the evil that is at the core of political bile raised to a fever pitch over the last 6 years, and they need to, at all costs, be correct in their thinking while everyone else is wrong.
Second, they do it to start a fight. No other reason. They want you to answer back. The need you to fire in return. They live for this level of anger and hate because, honestly, it’s the only thing that drives them. The hate box has been slightly ajar for a long time. A certain individual and his followers blew the hinges off, and have taken exceptional joy in making as many lives of their “enemies” as miserable as they can
Again, this is what they live for.
So then, and I know this will be dismissed by a good number of people as perhaps being “pollyanna-ish” and too soft, my suggestion is to not fire back.
Don’t engage them.
Read, listen, and then move on. The time you waste becoming part of something so destructive will neither serve you, nor an America that has to rely on more reasoned people to bring us back to a level of conversation without seeking to crush the “enemy”.
The only “enemy” in this discussion are those who cannot, or will not, be inspired by words so simple, by meaning so deep, and by a hope of unity and recovery. For that is what the “United” States is supposed to be all about.
Discourses such as these, that far too often now descend into verbal and physical violence, are neither necessary nor productive. They are figurative leeches, sucking the life blood from those who fail to recognize the danger. They are the rancor for which thinking, rational, reasonable people must recognize and refuse to supply any oxygen to. They are the bait being tossed out by those who wish only to reel in battles that will make them feel important, when in reality, they are the ones who need to be tossed back into the ocean of the ignorant.
The critical nature of this time in our societal existence begs to seek out those who wish to be inspired in doing greater things, ones that will drop those who battle only for personal gain into the deep background, we can only hope once and for all. That, however, is wishful thinking. Their types will always be present, and will always seek to incite.
Allow them to bray and bellow themselves to the point where it becomes nothing more than white noise, easy to ignore and swat away as you would the buzzing of an insect.
For in the end, the less attention we pay to them, the easier it will be to dispatch them with the wave of a hand.
It is often much more difficult to be a stalwart of reason, certainly when it seems all around you are the bludgeoning hammers of hate and discourse.
Choose the more difficult path, and in the end, the inspiring result for you and those around you will be worth it.