I have had the distinct displeasure over the past decade or so of being forced to work and interact with Bill O’Reilly. Many of you will understand when I write how there are those people that when you meet them, you automatically and quickly develop a dislike for them on every discernible level. This was my experience with O’Reilly. A more contemptible, arrogant, despicable cur of an individual I have rarely come into contact with.

Those of us in the broadcast news industry share an almost totally mutual opinion of this human sack of walking feces. He has a long history of treating those around him as little more than dirt meant to pave his way. He berates, belittles, and torments those forced to earn a living working in his orbit. All one has to do is review and re-educate themselves on his sexual proclivities and the history of alleged abuse he has with regard to women. As an excellent attorney once told me, “one never settles if one is without blame”.

O’Reilly now has taken his vile nature to the COVID-19 pandemic, and decided he is judge, jury and executioner with regard to those who have died. Aided and abetted by another human smegma stain on the population, Sean Hannity, O’Reilly opined that the majority of those who have passed on were likely to die anyway.

As noted here in this story about the appearance on Hannity’s radio show, O’Reilly dropped this line which he refused to walk back.

“Many people who are dying, both here and around the world, were on their last legs anyway”.

O’Rellly is an attention whore, one who will do a verbal and mental pole dance for the sole reason of garnering attention and seeking to put his failed career back on track.

He is, in one very tiny mental package, all that is wrong with those who have little or no real journalistic credentials and suffocate the airwaves with bile and verbal blubber. The equivalent of the 21st century shock jock, same as Hannity, Limbaugh, Levin and their reprehensible ilk. Highly paid and taking to the airwaves in every form to garner ratings, float about their home in the Hamptons, and use anyone and everyone as grist for their hateful mills and maws.

A message to everyone who has been forced to endure the death of someone during the COVID-19 pandemic. No matter their age, no matter their physical condition, and no matter whom they left behind, Bill O’Reilly wants you to remember this.

They had it coming.