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2810, 2018

Pittsburgh murders demand self-examination of faith

By |October 28th, 2018|

It came as a news crawl. Those often choppy sentences hastily written, and then streamed across the bottom of the broadcast screen. News we've seen far too often, and despite our own admonitions, we've become desensitized to. Until the words strike at our familiar soul. Something close to home. Something that forces us to dig a little deeper into our emotional psyche. The slaughter in a Pittsburgh temple. First, it was a shooting. Then, it became a story where we were told to expect "multiple casualties". Followed by "deaths are [...]

2410, 2018

Politics, DNA, and how to fail at Leadership & Teamwork

By |October 24th, 2018|

While Democrats tout their gains to be made come Election Day 2018, and the numbers show they have good reason to be more than a little giddy, they do so at their own arrogant peril. Three events recently prove why Dems need to get their heads out of the organizational muck, and understand a simple reality about politics here in the 21st century. More than ever before, this is a game. A competition. A team event, if you will. And thus far, there's notable evidence that, to put it mildly, [...]

910, 2018

The generalization of all men condoning sexual assault must stop. Now.

By |October 9th, 2018|

At first, I thought it was an overreaction. Then, it happened to me. I can, therefore, no longer stay silent. There is a dangerous wave sweeping America at the moment. It's been building in strength for some time, and has finally washed ashore, seemingly taking it with it a common sense and ability to parse the seas of what is fact and what is hyperbole. It brought me back to late 2017, and a magazine expose that was yet another seminal moment in the battle against those who use their [...]

810, 2018

What will you do, when someone finds you?

By |October 8th, 2018|

What would you do, if a rabbit found you?   I've asked myself that question now for 2 years. Because in all the uproar, the fighting, the spit, the venom, the discourse, the losses and mind pounding stress of these last 2 years, I come to this day in the hope of answering that question and finding renewed strength.   I'll wager to say every single one of us lost something or someone over these past 2 years, in almost every case someone or something we cannot replace. In the [...]

210, 2018

Social Media Addiction: We ALL need to step back

By |October 2nd, 2018|

There has not been a major sports league around the world that has used social media to it's advantage better than the NBA. Star players and those who want to become stars use the medium, especially Twitter and Instagram, to it's full advantage. Perhaps TOO full. Veteran JJ Reddick has stepped away completely from social media, finding it distracting and "not healthy". He has wiped his accounts in the desire to no longer be part of what he calls a voluntary activity that is "not healthy". The quote could not [...]

210, 2018

Has the World Become too Distracted for Real Heroes?

By |October 2nd, 2018|

Since I can remember, I have always been one who reads a little deeper into words and comments. I have always sought the true meaning behind speeches, offhand quips, novels, or just a short conversation between people at the bar. I have no idea where it came from. I wasn't raised in an environment where listening was valued, or where like in so many stories we hear about people gathering around the dinner table to talk about issues of the day. At my house, it was always mostly useless [...]

2709, 2018

Ageism: Making Experience & Desire Disposable

By |September 27th, 2018|

When we're young, all roads are open to us. We are, if lucky, encouraged to seek every avenue, try every gamble, become part of something. We are valued, and always considered to be full of possibilities.   When we're older, those roads are closed to us because of years. We are far too often discouraged from seeking something new, told the gambles aren't worth it, blocked from paths we'd like to try because there are younger alternatives for traveling those roads. We are less valued, and often looked upon as [...]

2409, 2018

“New Yorker”s Story on Kavanaugh Accuser Sets Dangerous Precedent

By |September 24th, 2018|

The latest story from "The New Yorker" about a Brett Kavanaugh sexual assault accuser could, as all stories begin, be completely true and reveal a new facet of the issue that begs attention and investigation. However, it could signal a turning point in the believability of such accusations, derail the movement designed to bring greater social awareness to sexual misconduct, and leave the magazine being viewed as little more than a rumor monger failing to follow the basic and irreplaceable tenets of good journalism. Debrah Ramirez is a former classmate [...]

2309, 2018

Battle to Shut Down Alex Jones a Media & Social Victory

By |September 23rd, 2018|

Six years. Hard to believe it's been six years since babies were murdered at a school at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT. And here we are those six years later ,watching as a measure of justice is being exacted on someone who authored another despicable chapter in the deaths of 26 people, 20 of them children. Alex Jones is everything that is wrong with what the mass media has become in 21st century America. He, his "InfoWars" internet "network", and the reprehensible people who follow him blindly either [...]

2309, 2018

No arms? No problem. Meet Kendrell Daniels.

By |September 23rd, 2018|

Before digging too deep into this story, let's all admit we have, at one time or another, complained that things in life suck out loud and we deserve better. We have all felt as if there are forces against us, or failing to allow us to move ahead. My hand goes up first, so as to not make you believe I'm talking about a rhetorical. Over the last year or so, I have shaken my righteous fist at the fates more times than I can count. I have wagged my [...]