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402, 2019

Mastering the Media: The Hate Filled Clown Show of Sports talk Radio

"Barstool Sports" started out in Boston as a free newspaper founded by guys seeking to be sports commentator disruptors. Smart marketing to the lowest common denominator paid off, and today they are a brand worth a small fortune. However, being worth a lot of money thanks to being sexist, insulting  jackasses is not something for everyone.   Full disclosure. I take a measure of responsibility here, and I'm not happy about it. When I hosted the weeknightly live show "Sports Pulse" on the Comcast Network in New England, I [...]

1001, 2019

Mastering the Media: News disguised as “reality TV” for suckers

It's a shame I have to do this, but here goes. Leading off yet another commentary with the admonition that this is NOT about politics. I don't care which side you stand, sit, kneel or prostrate on. If you take this as a biased or partisan opinion, then you need to check yourself at the door. Because while my speaking and consulting series, "Mastering the Media", focuses on how to succeed at both the personal and professional game of life while navigating 21st Century media, I'm also a veteran [...]

301, 2019

Mastering the Media: Made the fool by social media

There it was. Right in front of me. All it would take is one click. One tap. One flick of the finger and off it would go, sailing into the great electronic beyond and do exactly what it was intended to do. Smack someone right in the intellectual face with a response guaranteed to elicit a return shot. And then another. And another. And likely more than a few lingering issues focusing on hurt feelings and the beginning of an argument with no end in human sight. It's become [...]

1812, 2018

Dear Santa: It’s Been a Long Time

Dear Santa, Boy, I'll bet this one caught you off guard. How long has it been? Honestly, I can't remember. The other day, a thought popped into my head and I tried, really hard, to recall how old I was the last time I sent you a letter. Maybe I was 6, or 7, maybe even 8. That seems to be the age limit when kids stop writing to you, when we lose that sense of wonder to the realities of life. These days, I can only imagine how few [...]

311, 2018

Always Be Closing: Never Work for Free

It's one of the clear and present professional dangers, whether you're someone seeking a position with a new employer, or a firm of any kind seeking to convince a potential client that you, and only you, are the right person for the job. Like how I weaved that Tom Clancy reference into the first line? Big fan. Those who will lie about you being the right person to lead their efforts or be part of their organization when, in effect, all they want to do is steal your knowledge [...]

2810, 2018

Pittsburgh murders demand self-examination of faith

It came as a news crawl. Those often choppy sentences hastily written, and then streamed across the bottom of the broadcast screen. News we've seen far too often, and despite our own admonitions, we've become desensitized to. Until the words strike at our familiar soul. Something close to home. Something that forces us to dig a little deeper into our emotional psyche. The slaughter in a Pittsburgh temple. First, it was a shooting. Then, it became a story where we were told to expect "multiple casualties". Followed by "deaths are [...]

2410, 2018

Politics, DNA, and how to fail at Leadership & Teamwork

While Democrats tout their gains to be made come Election Day 2018, and the numbers show they have good reason to be more than a little giddy, they do so at their own arrogant peril. Three events recently prove why Dems need to get their heads out of the organizational muck, and understand a simple reality about politics here in the 21st century. More than ever before, this is a game. A competition. A team event, if you will. And thus far, there's notable evidence that, to put it mildly, [...]

910, 2018

The generalization of all men condoning sexual assault must stop. Now.

At first, I thought it was an overreaction. Then, it happened to me. I can, therefore, no longer stay silent. There is a dangerous wave sweeping America at the moment. It's been building in strength for some time, and has finally washed ashore, seemingly taking it with it a common sense and ability to parse the seas of what is fact and what is hyperbole. It brought me back to late 2017, and a magazine expose that was yet another seminal moment in the battle against those who use their [...]

810, 2018

What will you do, when someone finds you?

What would you do, if a rabbit found you?   I've asked myself that question now for 2 years. Because in all the uproar, the fighting, the spit, the venom, the discourse, the losses and mind pounding stress of these last 2 years, I come to this day in the hope of answering that question and finding renewed strength.   I'll wager to say every single one of us lost something or someone over these past 2 years, in almost every case someone or something we cannot replace. In the [...]