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103, 2019

Don’t be Stupid. Be smart using the “S” word.

I learned many things from my Sainted Granny, that wonderful, loving, red-headed Irish elf. She was a woman of very few well-chosen words. "I have no time for gossip, Edward. It rots the brain like sugar rots the teeth", she would remind me. This from the wise matriarch who was reading ingredient labels on the side of packaged foods long before it came into vogue, and could have been the epicenter for the eventual war on overloaded salt in our food. One day, I was telling her about something [...]

2502, 2019

Embrace and Master the Five Hidden “I”‘s in “Team”

"There is no I in team". Despite those who swear by it, there is no evidence Green Bay Packers Head Coach Vince Lombardi was first to use the phrase. He certainly may have been a devotee of the phrase and it's meaning, and he might have even coined it somewhere down the line, but he very likely, possibly, maybe, was not the first. He may not have even said it at all. That's called "hedging your bet". The earliest known printed and provable use of the phrase goes to [...]

1902, 2019

There’s Nothing Wrong about Being Wrong

Floating amidst all the daily admonitions and ideas about how to be better at life, business, and do no harm in a world where it seems every comment is designed to do just that, I came across the words from someone calling themselves a "life expert" that, in my mind, revealed very little expertise. Following his promo line in a LinkedIn post, the hashtag was "never be wrong again". As first thoughts are usually always the correct one, the response in my brain was, "what's so wrong about being [...]

1802, 2019

The Definitive Top 10 Points in Hiring the Best Speaker/Trainer/Consultant

Whether hiring an expert as corporate trainer, keynote speaker, guest speaker, or even as a consultant to work with a group of any size, start here. Expect and demand more bang for your buck. Before hitting the road and working with excellent companies and organizations, I used to be be part of a workforce that would be in the audience for speakers and experts. I later became part of C-Level management  that would hire keynote and breakout speakers for events ranging from 20 to 2,000 people. More than once [...]

602, 2019

Blackface & Politics: Exposing a dark history of personal racism

When I was growing up, both in NYC and South Florida, I had friends of all races. Granted, it wasn't as if I had an equal number of each race and religion represented, but that wasn't even something I thought about. There were friends, male and female, white/black/hispanic/Muslim/Catholic/Jewish/straight/gay, you name it. As I got older, the same line ran thru my personal friendships and professional relationships. Still does to this day, I'm proud to state.   We all, to a person in private moments, joked about religion and race. [...]

402, 2019

Barstool Sports: The Hate Filled Clown Show of Sports talk Radio

"Barstool Sports" started out in Boston as a free newspaper founded by guys seeking to be sports commentator disruptors. Smart marketing to the lowest common denominator paid off, and today they are a brand worth a small fortune. However, being worth a lot of money thanks to being a jackass is not something for everyone.   I take a measure of responsibility here. When I hosted "Sports Pulse" on the Comcast Network in New England, I was the first to put David Portnoy and his friends on the air. [...]

1001, 2019

Ana Navarro, CNN, and really bad “reality TV” for suckers

It's a shame I have to do this, but here goes. Leading off yet another commentary with the admonition that this is NOT about politics. I don't care which side you stand, sit, kneel or prostrate on. If you take this as a biased or partisan opinion, then you need to check yourself at the door. Because while my speaking series, "The Undefeated Image", focuses on how to succeed at both the personal and professional game of life, I'm also a veteran broadcast journalist. Like many others of a [...]

901, 2019

The day Cable News vanished from my SiriusXM presets

For someone who spends the bulk of his time traveling, and who has been a news junkie since becoming part of the broadcast industry at the age of 20, SiriusXM has been a blessing. Simulcasting the cable news networks allows me to keep up with the latest news, become engaged, (to a certain point), with the varying levels of conversation, and have a place to turn to when my phone alerts me to something that is truly important. Remember, you're dealing here with someone who abhors the phrase "BREAKING [...]

301, 2019

Social Media 2019: Ever consider just walking away?

There it was. Right in front of me. All it would take is one click. One tap. One flick of the finger and off it would go, sailing into the great electronic beyond and do exactly what it was intended to do. Smack someone right in the intellectual face with a response guaranteed to elicit a return shot. And then another. And another. And likely more than a few lingering issues focusing on hurt feelings and the beginning of an argument with no end in human sight. It's become [...]